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Threats aren't going to help Little Barry, kid.
Yes, those would be private sector companies that Bain saved from bankrutpcy with employees receiving little or no pension whatsover.
That is a comforting thought, Joel. I strongly suspect that you will get your wish.
Flagged. Scammer spam.
Glad to hear you and yours are OK, Mary Anne. George Washington.
Flagged. Sybil robo-spam. It's particularly active that a sign of meltdown?
It's Sybil on every thread. Flagged as robo-idio-spam.
Eliminate all public employee unions, NoIdeaWhatAnAssIAm. Reduce public employee pensions to levels consistent with private sector retirement packages for similar tenures.
Final Electoral College Tally... Romney - 295 Little Barry - 240 The cult of Obama is over, kid. Haven't you heard?
Bubba hates Barry. "A couple of years ago this guy (Little Barry) would be bringing us coffee". - Bill Clinton
It's Sybil. The "I was talking to a Tea Party guy the other day" bit is a Sybil trademark. Flagged as roboto-idio-spam.
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