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The Great Grab Has Begun

ThomasHamilton Wrote: Apr 13, 2013 6:28 PM
We are not that far away from being cypres. There are far too many Americans that feel it is morally ambivalent to vote someone else's wealth away from them and to the collective.

President Obama recently released his 2014 budget and, of course, everyone focused on the aspect of spending.  In fact, it was almost like the magician who diverts your attention to their right hand while the trick is being set-up with their left hand. 

Much to the credit of the mainstream media, they found the little item — capping IRAs — on page-18 of the budget, which is a very good source of revenue with an estimated $9 billion over the next decade. 

Yet, unfortunately, the media has once again missed the important point.  It’s not just IRAs, but...