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Nothing in my life would change if the FCC stopped regulating swear words either but I think that some speech should be kept private. You don't want anyone saying *Truck* around your child I sure as *Truck* don't. And come to think of it why can't I put the real *Trucking* word in here. It's called moral curtsy and decency something that gay marriage violates. Curse words are ok but they have a time and a place. Gay "activities" are not immoral but you don't need to make them public and rub them in everyone's face, i.e. get irrationally (gay) married. BTW if you start talking about the financial government incongruities; I'll just dismiss you as I am very much a financial libertarian and so I think there should be no financial benefit for being married PERIOD. This is a social contract issue not a financial contract issue.
While many people think that gay marriage is the next bastion for civil rights I think it's the next prohibition. A small group of insecure self important people trying to push their personal values on society.
on point let's just take number 1 how addicting this is 4.3 million people are seriously addicted to this what percentage of the US is that (considering that we have roughly 350 million here) roughly 1.23%. You don't make laws based on what less than 2% of the population can handle.
I'm only surprised that the issue over the candy cane was about Jesus and not that the candy cane was disrupting the sensitive diet of the children.
My issue is that we kind of already have this in most areas just not in the in your face explicit way the libtards want it to be. There are bathrooms (my work included) with a man and a woman on the front, they are for ONE person and they have doors that lock. Those are gender neutral they just don't let you be a pervert while your there. The entire gender neutral hype is nonsense on face value.
that's kind of like saying pizza isn't american or tacos arn't american, or Al Gore invented the internet, it's just wrong. The Christians used those symbols to celebrate (in secret) the birth of jesus so they wouldn't get killed by the romans who persecuted them. It has alot to do with their faith. The fat red suited guy (Santa) is short for SAINT NICHOLAS, a catholic parent saint.
why because you like your Obamacare and you want to keep it?
It looks like a photo op It's rural, and she's in jeans and a tank top without the normal protections. The other funny thing is that it looks like a .22 Marlin semi auto, but where's the magazine? I have that gun and it doesn't seem to have a magazine. Where's the target anyway? Is it that red thing? She's trying to look young and hip but she looks like a teenager to me, not someone who could occupy a very important government position.
I'm not a fan off killing something you won't-eat but, I don't think this person "deserves" anything.
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