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After the next beheading he'll "strongly" condemn it.
I'm still wondering who payed for his trip to Pakistan when he was just a poor college student with a foreign student ID.
If she admitted to stealing $33,000 from her supporters, it makes you wonder how much she actually stole. But, who cares, right? They all do it, some are just better at it than others. Another strong case for term limits. Less time in office, less stolen money.
MSNBC's ratings would go up if they showed more of their prison shows.
May need another bailout????? Let them go out of business.
Government health care wasn't part of the equation, either. Neither was the Patriot Act and NDAA
Back in the good ol' days of the Roman Empire, Roman citizens wore a badge stating: Roman Citizen, to advertise the fact that if they were harmed, the might and power of the whole Roman empire would descend on them.
I hate it when he says, "my Navy" or "my troops", they're OUR troops!
My rep Chellie Pingree has NEVER held a town hall style forum. She doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to face her constituents. She is a phony, lying one per center. We need term limits!!!
So, with all the focus on the police, last night a thug cop was pointing his rifle at US citizens, and when told to lower it, he replied, "I'll effing kill you." I'm sure this is a nice cop (tongue firmly in cheek), who will probably get a paid suspension (we call that a vacation) to realize you can't say that (at least when there are cameras around) you'll kill people. These thugs don't care. Go to youtube and search police harrassment.
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