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It doesn't matter to the people who support these guys. They all know that even these weasels are better than any republican opponent
Wendy, put on the depends and campaign door-to-door non-stop 24/7 until the election. Why, you could overtake Hillary and the Native-American Granny Warren for the Dem Presidential nomination for Prez. Leave the kids with some else though, they could be an impediment.
And Caroline Kennedy is an ambassador.
I'm not sure. For some all that counts is the "D". Stupidity and dishonesty doesn't matter as long as he toes the party line, which is pretty lie, lie, lie and take responsibility for being dishonest. With no consequences, of course.
The male Maxine Waters
Oh Jeez,there go the hard drives!
Dear U.S Government: Mind your own business and I'll mind mine. I could care less about your regulations and desire to be in my life. Don't expect anything from me except civil disobedience.
Normal behavior for a pol.
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Chris Matthews, Meet Chris Matthews

Thomas5413 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 9:26 PM
POTUS stopped paying for the dry cleaning Chrissie's trousers.
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