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Democratic Dogs That Aren't Barking

Thomas5413 Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 7:59 AM
Why doesn't my Medicare Handbook list what the rate we will be paying for 2015? See page 12, retirees. Is it because it is going up substantially? Or is it a government ploy to delay telling us until after the election?
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Poll Shows LePage Lead Widening

Thomas5413 Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 7:35 AM
Mike Michaud voted for ObamaCare without reading the bill, and still supports it. BTW, my insurance will go up almost $800 this year (for less coverage) and my brother who was diagnosed with a brain tumor this past summer will see his insurance go up $2,500 this year. So, this is personal. Thanks, Mike
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Thank These Republicans for Obamacare

Thomas5413 Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 7:42 AM
Maine Senator Susan Collins now says Obamacare is here to stay and we just have to tweak it. I'm starting to be of the opinion that being able to talk out of both sides of your mouth is a qualifying factor for running for public office. I don't trust any of them, rep or dem. Somebody behind the scenes have to be pulling their strings and making them dance.
Oliver Twist says: "Please Sir, May I have some more."
If smoking is so bad, why isn't it illegal? If high fructose corn syrup is so bad, why isn't it illegal? I think we need to practice civil disobedience at every level all the time.
What is wrong with RFK, Jr's voice. Is it from smoking too much crack? This guy wouldn't warrant a drop of ink if his name wasn't Kennedy. What a bunch of degenerates and reprobates. See: Uncle Ted, brothers Michael, Joe & David, cousins Willie Smith and Christopher Lawford, et al, ad neauseum
If a radical Muslim is willing to strap a bomb to himself (or herself), wouldn't it be a small step to let themselves become infected with the Ebola virus, and wander through the Lombardi rest stop in New Jersey, causing the virus to spread through most of the US?
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Democrats Will Never Fix Obamacare

Thomas5413 Wrote: Sep 27, 2014 6:52 AM
The democratic controlled senate adjorned for the year???? Didn't they just come back from vacation in September. Thank goodness there are no pressing problems facing the country that have to be addressed. Liars, hypocrites and thieves, that do whatever the party bosses tell them to do regardless of the consequences for the people they claim to represent.
I wonder if Mary's Mom and Dad would let her keep a keg in the basement
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