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Hrugman, waterboy for the DNC, is as demented as Reid!
Another reason Cantor lost was he didn't campaign and his supporters were too overconfident in his win to come out and vote. Those that did vote, and I am one, voted to rejuvenate our representation in Congress with a Constitutionalists, an economist, and a man with integrity, honesty, and a willingness to listen and act on his constituents' ideas. Dave Brat was NOT ENDORSED BY THE TEA PARTY, he did not win because of his immigration stance. He won because people of the 7th District were tired of Cantor ignoring us.
Don't partake of Mexican food or high priced 7-11 coffee. Makes no difference to me but I will be interested in what happens when the first of these is robbed.
OMG, Reid has no idea what the truth is. His brain has been so bludgeoned by lies, he couldn't tell the truth if it were pasted on his mirror. This man has more hubris than his buddy, BO, to stand in front of a microphone and spew vile lies left and right and actually believe them. This is schizophrenia at its best.
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One Brave Doctor Stands Up to Obamacare

Thomas516 Wrote: Feb 04, 2014 4:20 PM
Dr. Held is right, but unless a vast majority of MDs do the same, nothing will change. In the 1990's when HMOs started, I, as a physician, urged my cohorts not to join by asking this question at an initial HMO presentation, " Is it true that your HMO could not exist if you had no doctors sign up?" The representative hemmed and hawed and eventually said "yes." Many of my friends congratulated me on my question, yet signed up anyway. Why? I'm not sure. I did not until many years later when referrers begged me to do so so they could still refer to me. I have long since retired to get get of the mess that was building and still is now. Dr. Held's actions should be heeded by all physicians for we are the ones that hold the leverage.
How cam anything worsen something that does not exist?????
If they are Non-Americans, then what the heck are they doing here?
I do not believe the Founding Fathers worked so hard to develop our Constitution to let one or two self-centered corrupt individuals hold America hostage. How in the world can one man hold an entire nation from an oil pipeline from Canada? How can one man decide the fate of a legislation in the Senate? The answer is that we have many self-centered corrupt representatives who are more interested in themselves than the country, and they let these two ingrates continue to lead this country into an abyss we may never recover from. The another reason is the gullible and uninformed people of America who are texting and listening to music rather than taking a committed interest in their own liberties and freedoms.And lastly, we have a deceitful media, for some unknown reason, has supported this entire corrupt administration and therefore has fed the populace with lies. There are only a few people willing to speak up, Cruz, Lee, Paul come to mind. It is imperative that WE THE PEOPLE take our country back from the vermin infesting Washington DC. The only way is to mobilize those conservatives who believe in the Constitution and our country's greatness to rebut and continually expose the fabricated lies of these impostors.
Where's Rand Paul on all of this. He spoke up briefly but must be in hiding?
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