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Detroit's Decline

Thomas4512 Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 12:18 PM
Everyone wants to blame the public employee unions in Detroit for causing the problem, but they are some of the lowest paid employees in the country. They ar not the ones who looted the treasury there. The Fire Department has not had a raiswe in 12 years and during their last layoff, those that were kept on had to take a 10% cut in pay. When the 67' riots occurred, whitey was blamed. Though for 6 months before the riots different incendiary devices were tested on vacant structures, the blame was placed on the Police raid of a blind pig as being the cause. Because whitey was blamed it was time to get even. Black favouritism was abundant, the law no longer applied.
A big AMEN to that Callie......Col. West is great, would make a great President too....and he is even eligible to be the POTUS
Yes Rubio is a citizen of the U.S.....just not a natural born citizen. At his birth he held dual citizenship and dual allegiance. Something the Founders wanted to avoid......so that what has happened with Obama (not neing eligible) would not happen. Now you want to ignore the constitution because its somebody you like.......The oath I swore to God is more important to me than that. Look up Vattel' Law of Nations (which the Founders relied on), SCOTUS ruling in Minor V Happenstat and even SR 511 when they vetted McCain. You are the one who needs to find out the truth about his eligibility
Why won't anybody understand that Rubio is not eligible (He is not a "natural born citizen") So pick up some of the Cuban vote in Miami and lose millions of us who still believe that the Constitution is what matters. Either it means what it says or it doesn't mean a damn thing. I swore an oath to God to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I will not vote to violate that oath. Just because you and a lot of others have refused to recognize that Obama is not eligible and won't do anything to correct the mistake made because he was not even vetted. (Afraid that they would be called racist and there might be a black backlash.) Well America is now being run by anti-Americans (Marxists)
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