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Great ideas ... here's a few more: 1) Force approval of every drilling project - boldly predict cheaper gasoline 2) Gore the livin' *hit out of the Trial Lawyers - Loser Pays, etc 3) Defund every "Green" Scam or Community Organization aka Democrat GOTV 4) "Tack on" HSA Policies across State Lines to Medicare and parallel to Obamacare 5) Impound all Federal Funding to schools where Union membership is forced 6) Issue FREE National ID Cards with Biometrics to every CITIZEN and Legal Resident -- in preparation for States to require these as the sole VOTER ID - for Registration, In-Person and Absentee voting Defund "Liberals" aka "Progressives" aka Fascists ... they're only 1 in 5 Americans and they only hold any power because they CHEAT TO WIN. With our own money.
The boosters should just ram it down his throat -- sell them anyway. Nothing f's with high school football and survives. Certainly not a mere principal.
Would you quit already? Roberts teed up a 51 vote threshold for Repeal (because it's a tax) and the biggest butt kicking next year since ... well, 2010 ... for the National Socialists aka the Democrats. It was clear from the opinions he switched sides at the last minute. His switch put the decision onto the People. And if opponents of Big Government would stop complaining from their couches, stop nit-picking and threatening to stay home, get out there to rally the vote AGAINST those who support what they profess to oppose, something will actually be done about all this....
Doug MacArthur was right. The way to deal with Iran's nukes is to EMP them and follow with a wave of annihilation against every one of their sites. We'd be doing them (the people, not the tyrants) a favor. This isn't tiddly-winks and if there's every anyone who "triggers" hydrogen bombs over Damascus, Cairo, Tehran, Baghdad, Riyadh, Islamabad, and 100 more ... it will be the Iranian "Leaders." Israel has the 200-300 nukes. If you were them, attacked, say Jericho has intercepted some (not all) inbounds ... what would you do? The same 'holes frantic over Americans with guns are total pussies over nukes.
Mika ... yet another dumb birch who doesn't know the difference between the Federal Government and the Country. Ugh....
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