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Belle is my three year old son's favorite right now. Maybe the nice lady ought to watch more than one episode or at least google the information before making inaccurate statements. Annie and Clarabel Belle Caroline the car Catherine Daisy Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry Emily Flora & Tram Henrietta Isabel Isabella Lady Madge Molly Old slow coach Rosie All of these are female characters on the show.
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The ‘Risk’ of Being Poor

Thomas3245 Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 8:25 PM
Being poor could be as simple as letting me take over the family budget instead of my wife. I make awful choices in finance. Same amount of money coming in different ways of managing it. Where I use to live we had a neighbor in a single wide trailer. I want to know how much money would that guy have to be making in order to realize that he has had an empty beer can 3 feet from his front door for 2 years and he needs to pick it up? Being poor is more about a state of mind. Yes there are exceptions. But how many stories of great people have we all heard staring with the person in humble poor conditions and working their way up. And we love those stories. I'm poor but I won't stay this way.
The post office is a federally protected communication system in its simplest form. It is to bad that our present congress doesn't see other communication system the same way. I would love to have some get arrested for opening my email or email fraud. The USPS does need to be reorganized. There are to different mail carrier types with different pay structures. Remove the City carriers and replace them with Rural carriers doing the same job. That would save the USPS billions.
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