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From Military Brass, the Same Old Song

Thomas3043 Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 6:53 PM
I spent many years in the military. To expect no sexual attraction or reaction between the sexes is to deny human sexuality. What do you think you get when you have coed college dorms with the same age demographic. During the course of my 30 years I did not know or have knowledge of sexual harassment. Liberals who know nothing of the military culture seem to do how to fix everything. When we use to study the Soviet military we knew that they had a Political Officer assigned to each unit. That officer was to ensure that the political line was met. In the US we call it the EEOC or Social Actions Officer. When will the military get back to being focusing on war fighting and defense and not homosexual right, combat roles for women and and the environment. Show me when those three programs have been the key to winning a war.