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You are right, he talks like the Hollywood crowd, just because they may have some transient fame, they assume they can comment on many things, political, environment, and it is suppose to be some imagined authority,
the athletes are developed physically but not so much from the neck up (brain and intelligence).
Like Mayor Koch said years ago, "the voters have spoken( voted)", and now they have to deal with it (shut up and take it). Same goes for where I live in Mexifornia.
great reply,Sharon
What is your answer to second hand smoke, fool.
I would like to add one more point to lisenberger, Where is the outrage from the "second hand smoke" crowd, whereby children in the home will be breathing the smoke from the pot smokers in the house, and or in public places and streets. "Oh" but it is for "the children" and our laughable school system.
The woman in the video probably doesn't represent the bulk of the workers in the fast food industry, but a union plant or activist not in the industry. In the demonstrations, the crowd often consist of few actual such employed workers. Not all are lazy. If I had the opportunity to have my salary doubled, I would work as many hours as I could get, not work less. Something to think about.
It is understandable that people want higher pay in this field of work as in any field such as a carpenter, an auto mechanic, gardener, a doctor, a stock broker etc. So it doesn't necessarily follow higher pay means "I don't have to work as many hours". But these people( or anyone for that matter) do not understand the economics of business, and are spurred on by union activist and the "hope and change" crowd with there hidden private agendas. Of course, even elite economist like Paul Krugman do not even understand business economics , or even under stand the ill effects of their policies ! So should we expect more from these entry level workers?
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Congressionally Duped Americans

Thomas2739 Wrote: Nov 06, 2013 10:58 AM
Walter, I beg to differ. The collected SSA taxes ARE our money, just as we talk about the government spending "our taxpayer dollars. If the same amount taken in SSA taxes were invested in the private economy, then it would be "our pension plan", and the benefits, would not be taken from us, if one spouse dies, and would be passed on to the surviving spouse or heirs, not as in the present situation, where when one spouse dies,the SSA payments on behalf of the deceased spouse STOP, placing the surviving spouse in financial stress( two live cheaply as one, but it takes two sources to survive in these current times)
But the cops were not there, when it first went down? Armed people can see who started the incident and react.
right dixie, I am from California and the political elite here claim California thinking is the future. Mexifornia is the mess you have accurately described.
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