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And we have "the enemy from within "and it is going to and is destroying us, both sides of the aisle. If the enemy tries to go "door to door" they would have a difficult time, But Hey, that is what gun confiscation is all about, right. So we will be defenseless.
Note, the Crimea and Ukraine is the bread basket of agriculture in the USSR. They then will not need our grain.
Yes, definitely an improvement.
"The Crimea has gone from freedom to FreeDoom overnight under the newest czarish majesty, Putin the Great"., you say, and we think that is outrageous. Note* we did the same thing in November 2012, here in the USA. the Russians did it more quickly, and didn't try the least to hide their intentions, unlike us, with the majority convinced with double talk, even to this day !
It is remarks like that , which will guaranttee a democratic win in 2014 and 2016. The Republican Elite and establishment are too stupid to recognise or accept that the Tea Party and those that support many(not all) of their positions far outnumber the blacks, mexicans, and LGBT community by far, in numbers not money, and they(Republicans) are marginalizing this very large group which will just stay home in November 2014, and 2016. No one accepts these kind of insults.
And the USA is following their lead, with obliteration of our middle class. Just as Mexico has no middle class.
The goals sound laudable, but Mexico and its political system is one of the most corrupt countries in North America, we are becoming the second most, politically, and Mexico will always have the very rich and the rest will be peons. We have the very rich elite , losing middle class, and the rest , welfare populace.
You are right, he talks like the Hollywood crowd, just because they may have some transient fame, they assume they can comment on many things, political, environment, and it is suppose to be some imagined authority,
the athletes are developed physically but not so much from the neck up (brain and intelligence).
Like Mayor Koch said years ago, "the voters have spoken( voted)", and now they have to deal with it (shut up and take it). Same goes for where I live in Mexifornia.
great reply,Sharon
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