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Most young people, especially boys and men have no marketable skills, or a useless college degree in " ethnic and racial studies in Uganda" or the like. Most boys or men couldn't change the spark plugs on a car or change a tire on a car, or fix a leaking faucet. But they can play those "video games" with expertise.
Well, they voted in large part for their messiah. So boo hoo to them. They are just waiting for their parents to die, and get anything that's left, so they can move out of the basement, and buy a new iPad.
Absolutely true what you say. However, as old Mayor Koch of NYC said "the people have spoken" and this is what they asked for and " got It". And the "people" can "feel good" about electing the first black president( especially the blacks) whoopee do da.. Why isn't everybody happy?
The Dems say that,because of the 2014 mid term election, but they like the taste of the government tit.
Don't insult animals, least of all bears.
I am a supporter of your ideals, but I am trying to determine what the point is of your article.
gkahn, I really don't think the press has "discovered its principles" that it never had, but are just looking for a different spin to report "new revelations", because they know the public is getting sick of the same ole' same ole'. After a while the press will revert to supporting Obama. Don't get your hopes up for honest reporting.
Can anyone tell me , where are these ISIS getting their weapons from? The US?
KayLJ, What to American morality are you referring ? In case you haven't noticed, that principle of American life and policy is/has faded, never to return. It is all about the next election cycle. Hope and Change ?
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