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The Dems say that,because of the 2014 mid term election, but they like the taste of the government tit.
Don't insult animals, least of all bears.
I am a supporter of your ideals, but I am trying to determine what the point is of your article.
gkahn, I really don't think the press has "discovered its principles" that it never had, but are just looking for a different spin to report "new revelations", because they know the public is getting sick of the same ole' same ole'. After a while the press will revert to supporting Obama. Don't get your hopes up for honest reporting.
Can anyone tell me , where are these ISIS getting their weapons from? The US?
KayLJ, What to American morality are you referring ? In case you haven't noticed, that principle of American life and policy is/has faded, never to return. It is all about the next election cycle. Hope and Change ?
President Obama is completely correct. They ARE.
Yes, but that will not overcome the american appetite for free government handouts, ever, not now.
I want to know the rest of the story. what happened to them? Plea bargain and placed on parole? not prosecuted? Given a fine and community service?Nothing would surprise me anymore.
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