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I don't want to hear one single Republican complain about this. You voted for this. What? Did you think they were going to do anything different? You keep putting the same butts back in the same seats and expect different results. Republicans are just as much to blame as Democrats for the current state of affairs, but go ahead and keep voting them back in.
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Electing Liberty

Thomas2713 Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 7:58 PM
It what universe is voting for a candidate you don't truly believe in a good thing? Republicans are constantly trying to shame Libertarians into voting for the Republican candidates despite the fact that mosr Republican candidates are counter to everything the typical Libertarian believes in. You argue for religious hospitals and organizations being exempt from abortion and birth control because it goes against everything they believe yet you try to get Libertarians to violate their beliefs because it suits your cause. This level of hypocrisy is straight out of the Democrat handbook. You are endorsing blind faith in candidates simply because of what club they belong to. This is how someone like Obama gets into office.
Votes are never public record. That's the point behind a secure ballot. I don't doubt for a second that she voted for Obama, but it was her right to keep her vote confidential. How would you feel if your employer asked who you voted for then denied you employment based on that vote? This is no different. Conservatives are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard. Our failure to do so goes a long way toward understanding how we ended up with such a liberal government...regardless of which party they belong to.
As I mentioned elsewhere, it was completely inappropriate for the reporter to even ask this question. I'm not a fan of Grimes and definitely don't want her to win, but there is a reason why your vote is supposed to be kept confidential...and this is it.
As much as I disagree with the left, I think the line of questioning about her voting for Obama was way out of line. The ballots are supposed to be confidential for this very reason.
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