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Although I agree with you about people's reasons for smoking pot, you can't argue the validity of using hemp over cotton or wood pulp for the production of textiles, paper, etc. It is simply easier and cheaper to produce and products made from it are of much better quality and durability. No amount of casual marijuana use, however, justifies the hundreds of billions of dollars the government wastes in it's absolutely fruitless war on drugs. The illegal drug trade is bigger and more profitable now than it ever was. Then there's the issue of the big brother government protecting us from ourselves. Taking away the right to make a choice. Drinking is perfectly okay yet more alcohol-related deaths occur in one day than marijuana has caused ever. As usual, when you want to avoid solving a problem, hand it over to the government.
Wow. All the legalized-pot hate in these comments. So what you are really saying is that you are totally okay with the Federal government enforcing an unconstitutional law? Imposing even more restrictions on U.S. citizens without the authority to do so? You may not like pot, and that's fine, but making it illegal simply creates a dangerous black market people must go through to acquire it. How about this? If you don't like it, don't smoke it. Realize that people are free to make their own choices regardless of how detrimental those choices may be to themselves.
I've been playing video games since Pong. In my 43 years I've never killed someone or even come close. I've never known a gamer personally with a history of violence and I've known a lot of gamers. Bad kids are created by bad parents. Stop looking for scapegoats and start looking at where the problems actually originate.
He's not black! Good lord, he's whiter than I am and I practically glow in the dark.
I'm sure Obama will pay for it. Heck, you can pick up a free cell phone while you're there.
pretty sure the "pro-life" bit was a typo
Which is amusing since the auto industry went to great lengths to shut down our very efficient rail and trolley systems back in the early 1900's.
So you're looking for some more handouts? How very progressive of you.
Based on the comments here, it looks like Barry has put his board trolls on overtime in a desperate attempt to regain some momentum before the elections.
"The FTC advises that people just hang up, saying that the government has all the information it needs on each individual, and would not have to ask them for it." This is the part that worries me the most about the article.
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