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Does Concealed Carry Belong in Churches and Schools?

thomas2304 Wrote: May 24, 2013 8:34 AM
Some 4 tears ago I offered the following at a media conference: America’s Schools are a Massacre Waiting to Happen The law requires virtually all of America’s schools to be gun-free zones, and most terrorists in the world know this. They also know these schools hold hundreds of children and scores of these can be massacred with automatic weapons and explosives in just a few minutes. Lockdowns, which are essentially hiding schemes, would have little effect. Thus the only thing preventing a massacre right now is that no terrorist cell can get into America. How long will that last? Our children need a point defense. Imagine two schools, one that is known to be a gun-free zone and the other with a sign out front reading, “Our teachers have guns ”. Which would a terrorist attack? The gun-free zone policy results from ignorance about guns and in many cases, political considerations. Both are dangerous, and laws making schools gun-free zones must be repealed immediately . The likely alternative is a massacre. by Tom Ritter, physics and chemistry teacher, March, 2009