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As I said before, put your money where your mouth is. Stand up, right now, and say you are perfectly ok with a hetero male showering, sleeping in close quarters with, supervising the dress, and having frank discussions with your 11 or 12 year old daughter. If you are fine with that, well, at least you are a consistent pervert. If you are not, than you are a hypocrite. Which one is it?
Sad that people like you define your WHOLE LIFE about where you put your sexual organ. I have always said, this is not about gay marriage; gays want access to your kids, they want their sexual activities mainstreamed as normal, they want special protections under the law. Here's you're proof. And if you don't like it, you are denying social justice.
As a straight male, can I have access to your 12 year old daughter with showers, close sleeping arrangement, and by law, be able to be open about my sexual interests around her? Are you OK with that? If you are, you're a moron. If you are not, you're a hypocrite. Which is it?
Let me ask you this. As a straight male, should I be allowed to shower, dress, sleep nearby, hold close quarters with, your 12 year old daughter, and be totally open about my sexual interest in her? If you have no problem with that, you're a moron. If you do, you're a hypocrite. And how DARE you have an issue with me spending time with your young daughter like that, it's my right to do it, and my rights are being violated! And access to your young daughter is part of social justice! Like I always said, it's not about gay marriage. Gays want access to your kids, they want to mainstream and have legal support in all facets for they sexual lifestyle, and they want it in everyone's face.
They will file lawsuits against churches, VFWs and a lot of them will abandon scouting.” That is exactly what the Progressives want. Scouting promotes individual thinking, self-reliance, and freedom. Can't have that in a controlled state. If gays were allowed to have an open agenda in the scouts, there would be immediate pressure for gay study badges, don't forget allowances for "gender identity" and transsexuality, and special accommodations. Just like everywhere else.
Ok, do you know the real lesson here? This is a lesson on how evil works. The professor wanted kids to stomp on the word Jesus. But don´t you see, the "educational merit" of this exercise was not to demean Jesus, but to show how powerful "symbols" are. How about an exercise where the weakest student is thrown into the middle of the circle, and other students are challenged to hit him with a stick. For those who take pause in doing so, the "teachable moment" is a discussion on preconceived notions of human rights, suffering, and equality of human beings. Meanwhile, the weak student gets beaten. Not evil you say? Ask why the students weren't asked to write "Obama", "Santa Clause", or their mother's name on the piece of paper.
Men hold all the cards? Laughable. When I was on the dating scene, I was continuously passed over for guys who didn't treat women well, didn't have as good a job as I did, took no responsibility for the pregnancies created. I was consistently told "I should have picked a nice guy like you", and "if I wasn't involved I would be so after you!", etc. Took me until my late 30s to find my gorgeous, giving, smart, awesome wife. Now my teen son is finding the same difficulties. WOMEN hold all the cards. They put off the good guys, because they want a "bad boy", which to them is excitement. THEY decide when the sex happens and where the relationship goes. They decide on abortions and child support.
Sill lib. You're part of the 47% that think that high unemployment, losing our country's credit rating, the polarization of the people, and not ACCOMPLISHING one positive thing for this country are great reasons to vote in the Incompetent-in-Chief we have right now. Loser!
THere are choices. Being a responsible human being and having the child you willfully created, keeping the child, putting it up for adoption, or not having sex in the first place. Plenty of choices to be made. Pro-choice is a cynical phrase designed to make things sound good and wholesome, like "Planned Parenthood". There is no choice in "Pro-choice", it's just a feel good term for abortion. You're in the wrong forum to play games, loser. Why don't you just come clean. You like abortion, and the thought of never having to have responsibilities is exciting, and likely a sexual turn on for you. Just admit what we all know, you love abortions.
Ok, 7 month baby is aborted. Right in the next room, a 7 month baby is born premature and lives. Your statement is as demented as you are. Keep telling yourself nonsense, any manhood you ever had died a long time ago.
Jeanhart, we already know from your writings that you have had abortions. Does the thought of having a future abortion make your sex more satisfying?
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