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Jack you're a SPECIAL kind of stupid, aren't you? Good luck with your pro police state policies, I'll come back if you come to your senses.
McConnell likes to say he is conservative, though bad mouthing most Tea Party groups. The rubber will hit the road however when he either goes for the Chamber of Commerce Amnesty bill, or if he actively works on disassembling the ACA.
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Home Depot 1Q results miss expectations

Thomas 109 Wrote: May 26, 2014 12:54 PM
Well since their founder went on an anti Tea Party and pro amnesty rant, I have quit using HD. His philosophy is not compatible with his DYI customers.
Describing someone as "the husband of Facebook co-founder" is not specific in describing who they are married to; which FB co founder? How many co founders does FB have? Is the one this guy is married to male or female? What is their name?
It is so frustrating when people one-line a concept they have in their head, but do so imprecisely. "Morality laws" CAN be the opposite of religious liberty, but it depends on what you mean by morality laws. ALL laws have as the motivating factor the desire to increase moral behavior. Religious liberty must also be defined. To me religious liberty is the idea that I can practice my religion without the government interfering with my belief or practice. Now the government has an interest in my religion IF, for example I want to practice human sacrifice, or kill my daughter because she won't marry the 45 year old man I pick when she is 12. Morality laws specifying no strip clubs near elementary schools do not affect religious liberty unless you claim you have a religious right to go to strip clubs and ogle elementary children through an open door. Just an FYI.
Just like every time Reid wants to push Republicans away from getting things done he comes up with some way to bring the Koch brothers into it, Mitch McConnell needs to point out when Harry's serving his masters, who they are, and just how servile he is while doing it. It's called informing the public. When there is no constant push back the public thinks whatever the Dems are doing must not be that outrageous. Reid pushes back constantly, the GOP must also; Politics 101.
The MSM will defend the current dictator's policies on reporters until they are marched into containment camps!
She may even mean it. If so it would seem to run against the Leftist SOP of "offend everyone" in their attempts to turn society into something only committed Lefists want.
Idealists who never perceive the world as it really is, is normal on the left. The saddest thing is when supposed news people who must see the world as it is, and then translate it into something way less menacing so anyone with a gun for self defense is a overreacting wacko. What all these looney birds don't get is the 2nd Amendment is not about self defense, its about protecting yourself from an out of control government, and thanks to people like this nutball we're closer to that than ever in our history.
Calling CPAC a "Republican summit" is kind of disingenuous.
Is Erin Ching a communist Chinese representative? She certainly sounds like the party enforcers in China.
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