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Idealists who never perceive the world as it really is, is normal on the left. The saddest thing is when supposed news people who must see the world as it is, and then translate it into something way less menacing so anyone with a gun for self defense is a overreacting wacko. What all these looney birds don't get is the 2nd Amendment is not about self defense, its about protecting yourself from an out of control government, and thanks to people like this nutball we're closer to that than ever in our history.
Calling CPAC a "Republican summit" is kind of disingenuous.
Is Erin Ching a communist Chinese representative? She certainly sounds like the party enforcers in China.
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Ann Coulter's Conservative Sell-Out

Thomas 109 Wrote: Feb 12, 2014 12:54 AM
Personally, if it comes to McCain vs Hillary I will be praying God strike them both dead, and if either is successful I may have to move to Israel because Armageddon is at hand.
Every one of those 28 GOP votes for Democrats need to be driven from office as liars and GOP posers.
May Boehner not live to retire, may God strike him dead as a liar tomorrow.
Always the way of the Left; when people get wise to their scams, change the names.
Ryan can insist all he wants, the fact is every time there is an agreement on the budget the Republicans get rolled. The Democrats demand more spending now, for budget cuts later, but just like tomorrow, later never comes. Its just like border enforcement. The Democrats demand citizenship for illegals now, for border enforcement later, and later will never come. The fact is you cannot make compromises with the Democrat Party because they believe the ends always justify the means, and so they are liars. No mas.
The problem with the "slow change" of the budget deal is that if we slow spending so little each year, we will already have gone bankrupt before we can reach anything resembling solvency. A pox on your compromise John Ransom; its just more of too much more than we can afford.
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