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So while a lethal foreign enemy the likes of ISIS plans our destruction and beheading as I am writing, the Cadavor-in-State is going to give us a "greeny-meanie" speech; great, just great!
Kansas gain, America's loss Sibelius, Piglosi and Dirty Harry: Well there is a surprise, we never saw that coming, ect, ect, ect!
Well good luck to the S.S. There must be no greater job satisfaction than protecting a six and half year old stale turd floating in the toilet.
How over 175,000,000 morons could have elected this rube is beyond all sane reasoning.
To anyone with a clue this can come as no surprise. As we know, Obama is always the smartest man in the room. Never graduation from Annapolis, West Point-College of War and Tactics-actual combat experience, the "Community Organizer" always knows best. Perhaps that is why American foreign policy is the laughing stock of the planet and why we as a nation are in the mess that we are.
Yea I sometimes think about our other Senator. Her father was a good news paper man, maybe not the best father. He was an honest journalist. I can't help but wonder what he would think because she sold every value for the "Party Line".
I tell you this town is "Little Mogadishu". Recruitment around Cedar-Riverside or for that matter anywhere else probably is not difficult. They thumb their collective nose in disrespect at most all laws and any remaining original culture, yea its just great. Better not say anything though, the pinko's will label right quick.
Sadly, I believe you are correct. God help me I live here, can't wait to make the move to Texas in a couple of years. Just living among these clueless-died in the DFL-nit-wits chaffs me.
Contributions to: Mike McFadden. Sorry about that Mike, happy fingers.
Yea, good luck with Grupen fuhrer Holder.
And Dayton, we won't even go there. He is a total nut case. His grandfather understood business and hard economics. Guess this it what happens when you leave to grand children who never had to work a day in their lives.
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