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However, integrity, honesty and morality are punch lines at a cocktail fund raiser for Democrats.
We foolishly speak of wars against this race or that. Unlike the Democratic Party race is no issue for me. If any man works-is a good citizen and pays his tax's well and why not. The war should be directly against the socialist left. It should start in every single state funded university and college and it should finish in Marin County.
Oregon, Washington State, New Mexico: all of these socialist-morons ran like rats from a burning ship to escape the complete toilet they made out of California. Only to bring their idiotic and destructive ideology to other parts of this Republic. Why, for the sole purpose of destroying what is left of it. WATCH OUT TEXAS, your nest on the hit list.
Indeed the Bush DOJ- FBI, same thing, would have been better. Fast forward, does anyone honestly think any Republican is going to get fair or unbiased treatment from the Obama-Holder DOJ, think again! These are the advantages of being a Dictator.
I have had the same thought. When the level of complete corruption-incompetence and lawlessness reaches the level we are now seeing, one has to wonder if the devil himself is orchestrating these events.
My friend "D" makes a very good point. Every Republican candidate should not only be expecting but, anticipating every filthy-corrupt-underhanded maneuver in the books from the DNC. They know full well that they are breath away from losing the Senate. For the House they have no hope. Harry Reid is not happy about that prospect, need I say more about the source or their very powerful connections.
I cannot help but wonder just how long we collectively continue to allow having our collective heads kicked inside out by these thugs. Quid-pro-quo is the only thing these scum understand. We have some mighty fine lawyers and dirt diggers, time to send it back where it came from in spades!
In short, this indictment stinks to high heaven!
The DNC is a corrupt-thug organization. The DOJ under Ovomit's puppet Holder is exponentially more corrupt, as we have seen in the obstruction of justice, stone walling, and redacting of critical documents relating to: Fast and Furious-Bengasi-The IRS and dear Lois, the NSA and a lot more. This was a complete set-up. It was the nasty DNC's way of usurping and abusing the power of the DOJ. Get used to it, we now live in a criminally corrupt socialist dictatorship.
I sincerely hope the socialist-Nazi enjoys the company of hairy woman, crummy lighting and stainless steel, communal toilets along with other assorted surprises.
This farce goes on and on. In the mean time, They indict Perry on a phony buffet of bogus charges. Again!, this has the stench of Groupenfuher Holder and his completely corrupt[t DOJ all over it.
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