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The Koch's made their money the old fashioned way. Though work, investment and sweat. Little wonder the Bolsheviks, dead-heads, crooks and parasites that comprise the Democratic Party just don't like them.
As a friend once said: "if you think Obama is stupid, you see the people who voted for him".
Sibelius became America's problem and Kansas gain. Now that her machine and that of the Dopocrat legislature is crumbling; people are now regaining their values and sanity.
Excellent, excellent. and the circuit court cases just mounting in our favor. May God bless the NRA-ILA.
Oh yea, GOOD LUCK with Obama-Care, he is probably exempt like most of the leftist elites in Washington.
Is it just me or does the guy look like he needs to see a good dentist?
Oh course here is the obvious question, with Holder running the DOJ and U.S. Attorneys Office what real fangs does a contempt charge carry? Groupen fuher Holder has already thumbed his nose in complete contempt for congress, this sub committee and the American People as has his boss.
What would on expect in Massachusetts, a major mental enema is in order. Then again as Freud once stated, "the Irish are impervious to psychoanalysis".
Half of his own party are running away from him, as to escape stink on sh. With November 2014 fast approaching, me thinks the chickens will come home to roost.
I can't think of anything to add Jim, spot-on!
If this were anywhere else except Ovomit-Land, this would be a joke. The people of New York need a lesson in American history and some soul searching. I always want to ask a socialist Jew if this sort of ridiculous rewrite of the Constitution is what God or anyone else would have wanted. Is this some sort of perverted memory for zeda or buby. Ovomit+Hitler, period.
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