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Thought I told you to F-OFF! to Huffington.
Yea nice dream but, I don't see it happening. Want to do something about this monkey-in-a$$ clown? Well then about 175, 000, 000 Americans are going to have to do it together.
Yea what's up with the photo? There has been a long persistent rumor that he is a regular nose candy user, he looks like he just had a big snort.
I guess "We The People" can assume this means yet another Imperial Edict: without the rule of Law, without the Constitution, without Congress, without the Courts and without the consent of the American People. So goes Dictator-in-Thug Obama I. So goes our liberties and this Nation.
Love the photo at the top of this article. Reagan: there was a man, there was a leader, there was someone who did more by 5:00AM than Obuthole has done in his entire useless life.
So speaks Secretary of State Lurch. He looks as monolithic as he does completely stupid. Between Lurch and our narcissistic-child Dictator O-dung-pile, Putin must be laughing his a$$ off, the Kremlin halls must also be echoing with laughter over our this ridiculous fool and his mouth piece.
Yea, those "mid terms" may not work out the way Obuthole thinks. Then again it probably does not matter as he disregards the Constitution, Congress, SCOTUS, the rule of Law and the American People; did we not have an entire revolution over someone not nearly as big a tyrant three thousand miles away?
Indeed, also like Ken, Barbie's boy friend; he has no spherical objects.
Dictator O-dung-pile has also been busy gutting the separation of powers, Congress, the courts and the Constitution. By the way this is called Dictatorial unilateralism. A government run by a Dictator like O-dung-pile is called totalitarianism.
He would not know what to do with it.
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