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Take a good hard look America. This is what seventy years of Socialism has done for Europe.
Well low and behold, history repeats itself in Germany. The only thing missing are the Brown Shirts and Hitler. Take a good look at yourselves. You have become what Western Europe has become. Bloated, immoral, weak and indifferent, worse you people hide your immorality, cowardice and indifference behind an insufferable veneer of pseudo-intellectualism.
Take it from the murdering pig.
There unfortunately seems to be a social and political mentality that permeates the Northeast and it defies explanation or logic. Economically these states are not doing all that well. It translates to the demographics of the last election. A lot of people are more than willing to "cut off their nose to spite the face". I also find it amusing that the Democratic party which claims to be for working Americans just seems to continues to kill jobs and drive industry overseas.
Sometime after 9/11 an awful lot of us figured out they are a disease.
I am truly impressed by president Pollyanna's harsh words for Putin and Russia, next thing you know she will unfriend Putin on face book.
You mean the Coward-in-Chief had time to this. I thought he busy fund raising and a shucking-in-jiving le the civilized world falls down around us. What a leader!
I see one of our village idiots has dropped by to make pointless arguments and defend the indefensible. Good night all.
This administrations accomplishments to date: Eviscerate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Disregard the rule of Law, the Constitution and the American People. Conduct foreign policy in such a manner as to embolden Putin and Russia to commit the atrocity is has, and to leave this nation with no card to play and no ally that trusts us. Initiate a socialist take over of one fifth of our economy and health care system which has proved to be a complete catastrophe for all concerned, most of all the middle class working family. Direct our DOJ and its Attorney General to obstruct justice, lie and stone wall investigations into NSA conduct, IRS conduct, State Department conduct and use one of the most powerful of these government agencies for the purpose of political intimidation. Disgrace this nation at every opportunity. Engineer the latest wave of illegal and criminal aliens at our borders. Compromise the health safety and security of the American People with Obama-Care and the above engineered border crisis. Abandon the state of Israel and disenfranchise dozens of former American allies. Create czars and multi government agencies to handle business that is clearly the business of congress and the courts. Sign what amount to Imperial edicts because the administration does not feel it should follow the rule of Law.
Speaking of "gutless scum-bags", I hear Obuthole is off fund raising for the Bolshevik-Demo-Communist Thug Party while the world disintegrates.
In the this situation and regarding the situation and atrocity committed by Putin and Russia, the pseudo-intellectual, Nazi collaborating, effete French can always be counted on to be gutless scum-bags.
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