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Ladies and Gentlemen: we are of course speculating at this point in time. however, given a number of favorable factors, the wind is most definitely at the GOP's back. If I were a long shot betting man, my money would say the DNC losses both the Senate and House, most assuredly the House. However, we shall have to wait until November.
I like some 300,000, 000 other Americans are now hoping that his Arrogance is finally coming to terms with this situation and will take all needed actions. That perhaps he will trade his phony-effete, pseudo-intellectual for COLD HARD REALITY.
I have often referred to these people as animals, children and barbarians; they are but, they are also beyond dangerous. They are well trained-well organized-well financed understand psychological, urban and guerilla warfare. So then, we also have people who are well trained in urban, guerilla and psychological warfare; it is high time we used their talents without restraint or complacence.
The steps that Cruz would like to take are nothing short of what U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to implement along with other common sense measures. Try to explain to a Lib-Tard moron this is nothing more or less than survival.
No surprise at all. This IRS Director, Holder and a lot of the DOJ should go straight to the Federal Prison they have sent so many to. They should go there for felony obstruction of justice.
This nation and its citizens, which you are most definitely not; have an infinitely more serious problem to deal with. A problem so serious that if it is not dealt with, there will be no border to sneak across or nation on the other side of it to pan handle off. So I suggest you sit your entitled-parasitic a$$'s down, shut up! and take a number!
Get a clue "S", the next airport was less than forty minutes away. It stinks with a capital S.
I don't admittedly know about the current issues in Louisiana. However, I do know that for 85% of lower middle class to middle class families; Obama-Care is going to be a killer.
Most of them. Some actually visit and communicate with their constituents but, your right it is the exception rather than the rule. That should give a lot of these cronies constituents a clue as to making changes, the golden opportunity to do just that comes this November.
No Franken-Slime won because our Democrat Secretary of State Mark Riche just keep re counting the votes until the numbers worked. Norm Coleman actually won that election. That is why we call Franken-Slime our appointed Senator. This was a crooked matter that was supposedly decided by less than 300 votes; don't ever think your vote does not count.
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Obama Has Declared Himself King

thom112 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 7:57 PM
Our Dictator-in-Thug has been taking "unilateral actions" with regard to our Constitution, our laws, SCOTUS and the American citizenship for six years now; are we only paying attention to the situation now?
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