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There have been many narratives for this immature-arrogant fool. However, I think Rush said it best. " The Man-Child".
Flagged AS SPAM you dweeb! Get a life and a new site.
"My mandate is bigger than yours" Yea, we'll see about that. Your not popular in anyone's court that counts. Its long-long way from this fall into winter. We shall see. Don't count on lock step bind obedience from those you threw under the bus.
So then we remember when Pelosi wielded her then "Big Gavel" and beat our collective faces in with day in and day out. We surely remember when she and Harry Reid literally lock the back doors of the House and Senate chambers to Republicans and passed Obama-Care in the dead of night, with 60+ percent of Americans opposing it. What else do we have?
Thom is up for debate tonight. I welcome any guest who acts with decorum to me what happened and why it happened.
This really is to coin a cliché "all academic" at this point. The decision has been made. Do not underestimate a president with a 44% approval rating, on the best days, by some of the most favorable polls. The midterms usually draw lower turn out.
And whose fault is this? Could it possibly be those who had no reason to vote did not, could it be those who did have reason did. Perhaps it is time to re examine your motives for being considered a citizen and all the responsibilities that go with it.
So it would seem the good old days of Jimmy Hoffa and his thugs are nearly behind us. The unions have a long and rich history of resorting to physical violence, intimidation and strong arm tactics. Their allegiance to the Democratic Party go back to the days of old man Joe and his son Bobby. However, I think their collective best days are far behind them, thank God. Let every mason-artisan craftsman and engineer work in the shop he chooses without fear of intimidation.
I think we need to do some research on this matter. Is this appointment made with more regard for race than credentials, we need to a bit research before making conclusions.
What are the new A.G's credentials and records in the U.S. attorneys Office?
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