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Get used to it, this is just the pale version of what Ovomit is.
How in any name of sanity can this sh-on legs claim to be the leader of the American People when all he does is spit upon them and the Constitution.
Emperor and Thug-in-Chief Ovomit refuses to own up for the actions of his crooked, corrupt and regime; what else is new?
We know sarcasm when we hear it, stubby. Save it for Huffington and F-off!
The very obvious problem is Obama, Barry or whatever false identity he choses to go by. The problem is the complete circus of clowns he refers to as his cabinet and closest advisors. The problem is: what color is the sky in Barry's world, probably not the color as those braking their backs to supplant his fantasy's.
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Occupy Wall Street Can't Get a Fair Trial

thom112 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 8:07 PM
Since when in this "progressive", big joke, world can't worthless wastes of human flesh, parasites and reprobate not get a fair trial. I just don't know what is wrong with things. What a shame.
"Serious Constitutional torts", indeed it is the agenda in more state capitals than I care to mention but, what goes around comes around. And the time for these Progressive lies and distortions is fast running out. Me thinks they will pay dearly this November.
Those of us who go off to work everyday and take pride in our work and craftsmanship are also getting our pockets picked everyday. They are being picked by Ovomits socialist fools, his causes, his great need to be loved by France and the U.N. While I at sixty plus can plan on NO RETIREMENT, I will work like the complete fool I am to supplant the LEFT and its fantasy's.
He was absolutely right, unfortunately he went after a lot of wrong people. The premise was spot on.
Mr. Cummings does not look like a human being or any semblance there of. he does not look like he would know what to do with such information, so then who does? How are they allied with him?
So by that reasoning a catastrophically stupid idea, one that will destroy the quality of health care for millions of Americans as well as their bank accounts is better than no idea at all, hum? Also, it is rather difficult to have your "ideas" heard from behind locked doors in the House and senate chambers. Quit trying to play this game and quit trying to polish this turd.
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