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Indeed!, well said. In about two weeks we see if enough are listening, let us hope.
In an extraordinarily rare moment of truth, this president flatly stated "his policies are on the ballot". That is exactly right, what people decide to do from there remains to be seen.
Oh I most vehemently disagree soon to be former Senator. You are a continuation of this miserable excuse for a man-leader and presidents policies. You have supported the presidents complete incompetence on nearly every vote. You have acted against the interests of the American People and your constituents.
How many billions of tax payer money were spent on lavish vacations for Ms. Kookaburra and the rest of the Dead-beat-bums who accompanied them on their bash America tour over the years.
Clutching for straws, oh Republicans bad for woman, Dopocrats good. This is beyond pathetic. It is an insult to independent and intelligent people everywhere, gender not withstanding. These are the actions of a hanger-on who nothing to offer the constituents except more of the same.
Yet one more example of the complete moral decay president Kookaburra has led us this nation to. A miserable excuse for a leader and president, this great nation has reached new lows during his tenure.
This is like throwing an anchor around Udall. Hopefully, he will sink to the bottom of the sludge pond where he belongs.
We will figure out where you are and fry your lap top.
Flagged as spam again you mother-f'er.
So then Holder is gone and we can only hope that the seeds he has planted, he will some fine day reap. The Buffoon-man-child, fool and thug who put him there is still in place. Let us do something about that in three weeks.
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