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The question is what do Senate Democrats owe Obama? I don't think much all things considered. That shoulder to shoulder lock step just may be a bit out of step.
Thanks for setting us straight. Anything else on your mind?
"Veterans are the most trusted and tested of all Americans", true. It is unfortunate we cannot say as much about our so called leadership.
Yea I feel a pink parade coming on. Sponsored by ACORN-Occupy and the rest of the dirty worthless so called academics and assorted BUMS who DON'T WORK, never have and have nothing better to do.
Place where the sun does not shine?
And after you are done spinning statistics, looking for a bright spot and splitting phrases and infinitives; don't think for a second this was not a referendum on this nations pathetic excuse for leadership, IT WAS!
D.C. City Council, so then moving beyond that complete joke, I sincerely hope the Dopocrats will make this an issue. It has served them soooo well in the past. Please and by all means follow the policies and advice of your debunked Caliph and Messiah. He has led the America to ruin and thankfully, the Democratic Party along with it.
Good point.
What is more, you are a lame duck. Your party is done with you and so are the American People.
This excuse for a man-leader and president truly lives in his own echo chamber. If he hears what he does not want to from his generals, he fires them. I suspect it is the same with his inner circle and staffers. Well reality is square in your face Mr. Obama. All the denial and false bravado won't change it. You are NOT God's gift to the world and only you seem to be operating under that misconception.
There have been many narratives for this immature-arrogant fool. However, I think Rush said it best. " The Man-Child".
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