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CNN Poll: 35 Percent Want Obama Impeached

thom112 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 10:53 AM
I suspect the number of tax paying, legal American Citizens who want this obscenity of a president impeached is a good ten to twelve percent higher. However, since this is CNN's pole we shall just have to take it on faith. Even at that the numbers are telling. Politico not long ago released a poll that indicated a stunning 57% disapproval rating of this empty suit in the Oval Office. However, as we all know, Obama is only responsible for his self perceived greatness; in his own narcissistic mind. Stay tuned because I think this "House of Cards" is going to tumble in a big way after the first of the year.
For the sake of Democracy, every tax paying citizen, the First Amendment, this Republic and justice; take this bureaucratic-smug-Bolshevik bastar# to task Congressman. Don't let up for one single minute, wipe that insufferable smirk off this little-tin-gods face.
While there is little chance, a special prosecutor is needed here. It is painfully obvious that Holder and the DOJ will continue to obstruct justice, redact documents, stall and impede this investigation, most likely at the direction of the White House as he and DOJ have done as much in the NSA, Bengasi, and Fast and Furious investigations conducted by the sub committee.
Agreed, but one must remember Obama is only responsible for his own greatness, that is in his narcissistic little head. He reminds me of Alfred E. Neumann, remember Mad Magazine, "What me Worry".
BTW that 57% rating was taken three days ago by Politico, non profit, non partisan.
Dictator Obama's rating now sits at a stunning 57% disapproval. He and more importantly his party know the majority of working, legal and tax paying Americans have had it with his policies. From the IRS, the NSA, Fast & Furious to Bengasi. However the latest wave of illegal and criminal involved in the current wave, and crisis, a crisis manufactured by Obuthole have most people furious! This was played out in several border cities by tax payers and citizens participation in mass demonstrations. In the end, the DNC know full well the majority of the American people have had it with their socialist agenda. That is why the DNC desperately needs these illegals and all government dependent, low information voters.
I read today that protesters in Germany are shouting "Jew-Jew-pig". So history repeats itself in Germany, the only thing missing are the Brown Shirts and Hitler. This is not surprising. Germany has become what Western Europe has become; weak, cowardly, effete and indifferent. Worse they hide their weakness, cowardice and indifference behind an insufferable veneer of pseudo-intellectualism and false superiority. Take a good long look America. This is what seventy years of Socialism has done for Europe.
In conclusion, good for Beretta. Please leave the socialists behind in their utopia. May god bless the NRA as we continue to generously support it.
The Northeast, working its way toward a complete state of government dependence and complete Socialism; Obuthole's dream.
True as exhibited by Letterman and his circus of America hating ingrates nightly, I get it.
Take a good hard look America. This is what seventy years of Socialism has done for Europe.
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