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BREAKING: GOP Counters WH Offer on Fiscal Cliff, Embraces Bowles-Simpson Variant

thom112 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 7:02 PM
Chairman Mao-bama and his Dmo-Communist Thug Party of Amerika have no desire to make any deal. They would completely destroy the middle class and this country to detroy the Republican Party. The sooner that happen and the sooner economic and social chaos begin; the sooner Chairman Mao-bama can declare himself dictator and declare martial law. Everything he has wanted from the beginning. The American mean nothing to his blind lust for complete power.

Well, this move by Speaker Boehner doesn't exactly follow my Simpson-Bowles playbook to a tee -- but Erskine Bowles does make an appearance, and Republicans are going on (realistic, reasonable) offense.  In a new letter addressed to the president, House Republican leaders firmly reject the president's non-starter "proposal," pointedly decline to counter with an equally unrealistic wish list, and offer an alternative bipartisan solution: