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Reports: Tsarnaev Cooperating with Authorities; Brothers Planned More Attacks in New York?

thom112 Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 7:45 PM
F-ing, Ball-busting Idiots! "FBI" Even when Russian Intelligence does their work for them; they can't find their a$$ with both hands tied behind their backs. I guess it should come as no surprise with Holder running and Ovomit running him.

Phase one of the Boston investigation came to a head on Friday night, but the saga is far from over.  The latest: (1) Despite not being designated as an enemy combatant, the surviving bomber will get worked over by our high value detainee interrogation team:

A special group of interrogators, part of what is known as the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group, is expected to conduct the questioning. The group is a mix of investigators, drawn from the FBI, CIA, State Department and other agencies, created in 2009 to quickly question terror suspects to thwart any additional...