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If Obamacare isn't going to reduce out debt or lower premiums than it should be dumped. The law was really about government getting involved in our healthcare and passing a huge tax increase disguised as a healthcare law. Everything oval office boy touches turns into a shitstorm. Sick of Washing, huge government, excessive taxes & micromanagement of our supposed freedom by 'elite' officials who are idiots.
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Rahm Emanuel Not so Popular Anymore?

thoenninger Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 11:57 AM
Maybe he should invest in some Obama brand teflon!
After hearing his rhetoric I have no doubt this man is a narcissistic idiot. How somebody could champion an idea to a point that he'll veto legislation if it's removed to distancing himself from the foolish idea when it's about to trigger. I believe this is the year when his house of cards starts collapsing.
Obama is a narcissistic jacka$$
A 1999 law required the secretary of state read critical documents such as those requesting more security. Now she says it doesn't matter who or why the attacks happened, we just need to get a handle on how this slipped through the cracks so it doesn't happen in the future. Same old ** horse droppings** from the washington crowd, deny, smokescreen, delay, mislead and it all goes away. ** censored
I thought raising the debt ceiling now was the next big fight, the house speaker talks tought but keeps caving to the left. Lost faith in gop, the entire government is a bunch of useless assholes.
It sounds like this is all a dog & pony show, they alreay made up ther mind and instead of letting congress (the voice of the people) he is going to use executive orders which I believe is a mistake. If this is a moral issue why don't they change there mind on abortion which kills millions of children every year, either life is sacred or it isn't
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