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Ever wonder why BO hates pure whites.
I love Jesus. I love America. I am a Republican.
The good news is we can find justification for our Military in the Constitution. BO can't find one single pet giveaway projects of his in the Constitution.
Yes, BO is destroying our armed troops too, actually the whole US military.
Boy, Dead Right, did you ever hit the nail on the head. And everybody knows it.
Don't forget...BO also lies for a living.
BO won't say "under God" because he is god. I find it interesting that 'under' MLK, we're supposed to judge black men by their character and one of the two characteristics Jesus accused the Devil of was lying, and of course the other was that the Devil was a murderer. Obama is both. He is not a son of God but a son of his father, the Devil. Rotten and dangerous character.
Why do regressives hate atheists, secularist, humanists and progressives? Because they hate evil.
pastorial...you think just like all the other myth-makers. Enjoy your lies.
Enrique25....I think you've got it all backwards.
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