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Torture Without Excuses Wrote: Apr 21, 2013 3:24 PM
So, to fight a war to defend the innocent victims of monstrous bullies isn’t justification for going to war? What manner of man can stand by and watch such atrocities without a call to honor and to defend?
DagNabbit Wrote: Apr 21, 2013 5:47 PM
Responding to a criminal act by starting a war halfway around the world with the wrong country seems sort of....well, retarded, actually. I know, that's hard to understand for your "manner of men", but try to let it sink in. My "manner of men" wants to catch the people who did it, try them, and if they're guilty, put them in prison so they can't "do it again". YOUR "manner of men" wants to scream slogans and murder innocent civilians in order to feel like you're doing something.

Your "manner of men" are really, really stupid.

The autopsy gave a spare account of how the 52-year-old man died. He suffered blunt force injuries on his torso and legs, and abrasions on his left wrist indicated he had been tied or shackled down. One of his neck bones was fractured. Death came "as a result of asphyxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) due to strangulation," and it was ruled a homicide.

It's too much to hope for justice in this case, though. That's because the homicide came at the hands of the administration of George W. Bush. The victim was an Iraqi whose demise occurred while he...