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Romney: Let's Talk About Staples vs. Solyndra

thismustend Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 6:22 AM
Unfortunately the FACT CHECKERS have no power or voice. Let's face it, the CRAZED LEFTISTS have COMPLETE CONTROL of the media, from newspapers, television & magazines to Hollywood. Unless you dig for it you will NEVER hear the truth. That is why ObaMAO & his administration use the Alinsky "Rules For Radicals" tactics, spewing outrageous lies & slandering all who dare oppose them. You can't take pee out of a pool, once these nuts spew their propaganda the media spreads it for them & that is all people remember.
Dan107 Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 8:47 AM
No worries, This. The people have learned to take what the media claims and know that the exact opposite has occurred.

This is the case Mitt Romney should be making every single day:

The Obama campaign pretends that they want to make Romney's record at Bain Capital an issue.  They don't.  They want to make their version of his record at Bain an issue.  Unfortunately for them, their version has been throughly discredited by fact-checkers.  The former CEO should welcome the opportunity to compare his record in venture capitalism (starting and saving businesses, creating tens...