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What Would Reagan Do?

ThinkN_Do Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 1:11 AM
Who cares . . .
Sure Jeb and people who kill for food, clothes, cars and other life sustaining needs do it for love too. You just don't have the same perspective is all . . . .
Someone important was on the plane and they were hijacked to an unknown location for interrogation by some nation: China, Iran, North Korea, Russia . . . . USA . I will admit though, this sure took the heat off the Crimea Ukrainian situation . . . .
And if they were not, where would they all be? How many would still be alive? Who would be supporting them? Maybe Abortion isn't the answer, maybe we need to sterilize everyone who has had one child and anyone who has a felony record or known psychological problems and . . . .
And while you're at BO, also allow the right to practice our Constitutional Right known as the 2nd Amendment, without hindrance from any Officials of Law, whether they be Federal, State, County or Local. Give us our right back to carry anywhere without having to know laws of 50 different states and having a half dozen different permits or licenses. Anyone who has been cleared through NICS should be able to open carry anywhere in the USA and carry concealed as well. The 2nd Amendment did not specify Open or Concealed. Since many wore hip holsters under long jackets, I guess it stands to reason that concealed was okay too.
They're essential components of the political arena, they are not only practiced by Liberals. Then there is stretching the Truth, Fabrication, Deception all part of the Media as well.
I work at a big box retailer, the ACA has had an effect on the number of hours PT employees can work. As a result, we do have more PT employees and we also have lower employee morale. The morale affect has not only been amongst the PT employees, but has also passed onto the FT employees. That being due to not having those PT employees able to stick around beyond X amount of hours. Many of those PT employees want to be FT but there are no openings. Many welcomed the Xtra hours they could get which have gone away. Another result of this is lower customer service ratings due to less hours on the floor. It's a spiral that is just beginning to rear it's ugly head.
Was it really illegal, or was it just covert? It was authorized by someone which to a degree negates it as illegal. Who determines what military aid to foreign countries is legal and illegal?
I guess you missed the point; there should be no contract between two people of the same sex; that's what I am saying. There should be no union between them, it is unnatural in the human species, as they would not exist, if all humans felt that way. How is that not visible? So, why should there be a legal ruling to support something that shouldn't be by natural law?
Or at least they have convinced themselves and some others of that thinking.
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