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This is what they (whoever they are) want us to believe, but what, is the Truth?
You have to ask yourself, do you want a 70 year old woman running your country, knowing she'll be 74 in her last year and if re-elected 78 when she exits. When I was a kid 65 was the retirement age, then it was 62, now it's like 66+ . . . well, the same should be true of political positions, all of them; they should required to retire by age 65 or at the least, must be elected before they turn 65; and there should not be any offices in politics that does not have term limitations (none), including appointed positions.
I wonder how much longer it will be, till some dirt is dug up on this Bill?
Sure hope he doesn't run, and I hope Romney stays out of the next campaign. The Republican Party needs to find a fresh new person, kind of like Obama supposedly was, but someone who really wants to make the USA the Great Country it can be and once was.
FYI: quick research suggests the small 1% minority you speak of, might be somewhere around 10 to 20%. This would be those who do not consider themselves to be heterosexual. If like any other stats; it too could be off another 5, 10, 15%. How many people have had an encounter, how many are unsure what they really prefer or care to admit? How many gun owners are there really? I am quite sure there are a lot more than stats speak of. How may people share the total number of firearms they really own? We are a nation, maybe a world of people who keep some things in the closet, why . .. because there is too much mistrust for starters.
They are also QFC . . . .
Go Kroeger, send the fools that think they can control you, shopping where criminals with weapons are welcome. I'll stay with your chains, esp. Fred Meyer, where some in my state even sell protection tools. Don't crumble under their devious ways, they are the worse kind of evil.
Was he wearing clothes when found? It is amazing that people with soooo much money cannot seem to find the all elusive happiness of life; proof that money & fame cannot provide it. Peace be with you and all those effected.
Well, if the people in KY read this article, maybe her % will drop to near ZERO, as they realize how intelligent she isn't.
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

ThinkN_Do Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 11:47 PM
How unusual, she looks like an inflatable doll in this picture . . . .
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