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Did the Election Save ObamaCare?

Think Freely Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 6:34 AM
I have worked with a Non-profit called hands of hope. They accept donations from surrounding hospitals of "used" equipment that is only 5 years old. By law they have to replace all their equipment every 5 years. This one regulation does NOTHING to improve health care but does a great deal to increase costs. Please remember that one person's "cost" is someone else's profit. The premise of Obama Care was that over regulation was NOT the problem causing increased costs. The second premise was that competition would not decrease costs and a single payer system would. We are ruined by over regulation. The "victory" of obamacare means tyranny.
inkling_revival Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 11:39 AM
"The 'victory' of ObamaCare means tyranny."

...not to mention poverty and poor health.

The morning after Tuesday's vote, there is one thing every commentator agreed on. The election of Barack Obama guaranteed that his signature piece of legislation — health reform — can now go forward. Republicans are powerless to stop it.

Yet there is something all these commentators are overlooking. There are six major flaws in ObamaCare. They are so serious that the Democrats are going to have to perform major surgery on the legislation in the next few years, even if all the Republicans do is stand by and twiddle their thumbs.

Here is a brief overview.

ObamaCare is not paid for....