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The Latest War Will Not Be Free

Think Freely Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 6:11 AM
Yes, war has become too easy, and in large part because it is fought with borrowed money. If the debt ceiling was not allowed to rise so that we had to actually vote to go to war and pay for that war it would be harder to do so. I hate sending men and women into battle without a clear objective. It violates everything in Just War theory.
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Is It Ever OK To Spank?

Think Freely Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 9:26 AM
Mona, I disagree with you on this. Properly administered physical discipline for a very young child is often the only option. Children below the age of 4 do not have enough context to keep them safe through persuasion. So a properly restrained physical pain can be very helpful to protect the child or protect other other children. Ears are great points of pain, as many parents have known. A light smack to the hand, while held in another hand is helpful. At the same time, when our children were old enough to have things to given them, that we could later take away. Yes, other techniques are helpful once the children are old enough. But the idea that physical discipline leads to violence is strange. It fails to distinguish discipline from violence and by confusing the difference between abuse and punishment; abuse and discipline. Yes, children with special needs will not respond like normal children and need different techniques. But the idea that "striking is always abuse" is terrible in the extreme. Our culture is loosing the ability to discern and your comments continue that confusion.
The point is that as prices drop - places where it is pumped will go off line. This will decrease the supply causing the prices to rise again. So the solution to the fuel has to be a strong enough supply to continue to drive prices down even when the supply from locations with higher drilling costs go offline.
The US Navy developed synfuel for the use in a battle group at sea. This would be much less expensive in a land based unit. We can be free from the Oil Cartels. We do have the resources to be free from this. But as long as oil is sold on the world market we will pay world market prices. Without a vastly increased - long term - solution we will not drive these prices down. The world will buy more and more fuel. Unless there is a huge imbalance on production side prices will not fall. If prices do fall, those areas of production that cost more to drill / produce than the current market per barrel cost will close. In the 1980's the oil fields in OK shut down because they needed 15 / barrel to pump the stuff from the ground. They capped their wells. Saudi Arabia pumps oil for 2 / barrel.
Chestertonfan, By the way is that GK Chesteron? Check out this new Canadian company. They have the best concept I have seen in a long time. You can do Nuclear in many ways.
Oil companies are controlling the price, and making sure that the price stays high. I think this is the point of the article. While every energy user wants to lower costs, a business selling things has a good incentive to raise prices to increase margins. Which is the POINT of the article. There is an ever increasing demand around the world which I welcome. But with drilling costs at 80 / barrel the people selling that oil are not open to oil at 15 / barrel. Yes, nuclear can go miles without government subsidies. It just needs a reasonable level of regulation. Currently Nuclear power faces the highest levels of unreasonable regulation of any power production. Radiation is regulated to below background levels. Safety reviews can take years and years and cost millions while a plant is shut down - not producing revenue. What we need for nuclear is what Conservatives always say - reasonable cost benefit based regulation. We don't need subsidies.
I agree that Bio fuels are the WORST way to go. 40 percent of NG is used to make Fertilizer and then we turn around and use those crops to make a fuel? We would do much better burning that percent directly in transportation. Syn fuels can be produced from any carbon and hydrogen source. Look up Navy and Fuel from seawater CO2. That is an expensive process but they estimate they can make the fuel at 3 dollars / gallon - at Sea! If you are using a land based chemistry and a rich source of carbon synfuel can be produced for 50 / barrel or less with mass production. This could be driven down with volume production.
No need for fusion, which is still very very difficult. Fission works great and is safe and very abundant.
Vic156, I really like pebble bed reactors. They are simple, produce high heat and are totally self regulating. You can put them almost anywhere and they would be safe. You can hook them up to a normal air turbine. Check out this design.
Chestertonfan, Agreed, batteries today are too expensive, but they are close to the energy density needed for a reasonable car. Do you have any estimates on the reserves available offshore Santa Barbara? Yes, Nuclear heat for oil sands would reduce their cost and is one of the designs looked at by Canada.
I agree that the market will figure it out. It already has. It is much more profitable to sell oil at 100 / barrel than at the 15 dollars a barrel it cost when I got married. There is NO incentive by any oil or NG company to lower that cost to the consumer. We need an energy competitor who can introduce vast amounts of new energy into the market. That would be Nuclear.
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