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It is practically unlimited. There is enough Uranium to last for thousands of years when you use sea water recovery to burn the easy part (U235). If you burn U238 (wet log) there is enough to last for 10's of thousands of years. If you use Thorium (wet log) you have enough to last until the Sun burns out. We will NOT run out of Nuclear fuel in an ordinary fission reaction.
If you look up a report by Captain Kiefer called 21st century snake oil, you will see that the major reason to NOT use bio fuels is that most of the plant energy comes from natural gas. 40 % of Natural gas use is to make fertilizers which increase crop yields dramatically. To then plant the crops (with fuel), fertilize them with (with natural gas) and harvest them (with fuel) and then turn them into fuel is immoral. It is much better to simply burn the natural gas directly as vehicle fuel. Something that Farmers have known how to do since I was a child, and which is done today all over asia.
Expensive energy is a policy goal of many governments. Expensive energy is also a goal of many fossil fuel companies. It is much more profitable to sell the same product for a higher price in the case of a bidding war. This is why we use auctions. As long as fuel is sold on the global market we are all subject to the same costs - unless there is some type of government subsidy. Increasing the supply in the USA will not lower the price - simply rearrange where the profits are realized. This will be true unless there is a sustained 9 million barrels / day increase. Constraining the supply of a commodity is a known historically used way to drive up the price.
I agree with FederalFarmer, we have reached peak oil which is why we have sustained prices above 100 / barrel. If oil has not peaked then the increase in supply should drive down the prices to below 80 / barrel and they should keep falling to below 50 / barrel. If the prices stay about 100, we have peaked and are on a high plateau. The only true source of massively increase in the amount of energy available is Nuclear power. Uranium, Plutonium and Thorium have 1 million times the energy per pound of any fossil fuel. The fact of the matter is that we have about 3 billion people who are wanting to move from deep poverty to at least some level of energy use. We need a massive new supply of energy. Check out
How much protection do we need? Is the world more dangerous now with information flow than it was before the internet? In the sense that it is easier to coordinate strikes and make plans using the communications infrastructure and information on weapons and explosives available widely on the internet. But are these dangers more than the dangers of simply living 50 years ago? I don't think we will be actually safer if the government knows more about us. It is simply that the danger is shifting from threats external to the USA to the government itself. Is safety worth the cost of freedom? I don't think so.
It was in the 1980's when as a young man in my early 20's I pastored a church the inner city of a major urban area. I was incensed at the way that the teens were treated in school - like they were dummies. I was incensed at the racism of people who kicked out kids from their stores just for being black. My wife and I lost our first apartment when we had a Christmas party and invited some of the teens over. Watching the effects of the welfare state, especially the dehumanizing effects turned me strongly conservative. I believe in people and what they can do. I also believe that the Church is the best means given to alleviate poverty. Churches build networks of people. They train leadership, public speaking and accountability. Churches teach self control, patience and forgiveness for those who hurt you. All these build the humanity of people and enable them to live far better with a Church than without.
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The Latest War Will Not Be Free

Think Freely Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 6:11 AM
Yes, war has become too easy, and in large part because it is fought with borrowed money. If the debt ceiling was not allowed to rise so that we had to actually vote to go to war and pay for that war it would be harder to do so. I hate sending men and women into battle without a clear objective. It violates everything in Just War theory.
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Is It Ever OK To Spank?

Think Freely Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 9:26 AM
Mona, I disagree with you on this. Properly administered physical discipline for a very young child is often the only option. Children below the age of 4 do not have enough context to keep them safe through persuasion. So a properly restrained physical pain can be very helpful to protect the child or protect other other children. Ears are great points of pain, as many parents have known. A light smack to the hand, while held in another hand is helpful. At the same time, when our children were old enough to have things to given them, that we could later take away. Yes, other techniques are helpful once the children are old enough. But the idea that physical discipline leads to violence is strange. It fails to distinguish discipline from violence and by confusing the difference between abuse and punishment; abuse and discipline. Yes, children with special needs will not respond like normal children and need different techniques. But the idea that "striking is always abuse" is terrible in the extreme. Our culture is loosing the ability to discern and your comments continue that confusion.
The point is that as prices drop - places where it is pumped will go off line. This will decrease the supply causing the prices to rise again. So the solution to the fuel has to be a strong enough supply to continue to drive prices down even when the supply from locations with higher drilling costs go offline.
The US Navy developed synfuel for the use in a battle group at sea. This would be much less expensive in a land based unit. We can be free from the Oil Cartels. We do have the resources to be free from this. But as long as oil is sold on the world market we will pay world market prices. Without a vastly increased - long term - solution we will not drive these prices down. The world will buy more and more fuel. Unless there is a huge imbalance on production side prices will not fall. If prices do fall, those areas of production that cost more to drill / produce than the current market per barrel cost will close. In the 1980's the oil fields in OK shut down because they needed 15 / barrel to pump the stuff from the ground. They capped their wells. Saudi Arabia pumps oil for 2 / barrel.
Chestertonfan, By the way is that GK Chesteron? Check out this new Canadian company. They have the best concept I have seen in a long time. You can do Nuclear in many ways.
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