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A Dog Whistle to the Left

Think Freely Wrote: May 15, 2014 9:15 AM
High property values mean high property taxes. Governments have a built in incentive to encourage property values as high as possible.
I need to point out that I am joking about my agreement to jail people. But if one type of science denial deserves jail so does another.
I would agree with the good professor. We should jail all people who deny AGW and who deny that Nuclear power is the real answer to it. The majority of Scientists agree that Nuclear power is safe and abundant. Deniers who claim falsely that any level of radiation is harmful should be jailed. Nuclear power is a million times more energy dense than any other source of energy. It is clean enough to run in sealed subs and abundant enough that it can last the lifetime of the earth. Breeder reactors can take care of the "waste" by burning it as fuel. You can make gasoline and diesel fuel using high temps, water and coal. We could heat cities with the extra heat left over after making electricity. We can have abundant energy and very little CO2.
Actually no scientist ever thought the world was flat. From the time of the early Greeks it was known that the world is round and the aprox size of the world. The whole "flat earth" thing was concocted by enemies of Christianity as a straw man to beat them with. CS Lewis covers this briefly in Mere Christianity.
Pornography degrades the person by making them have false expectations about the nature of physical pleasure and the nature of relationships between men and women. It breeds conflict, isolation, and wastes huge amounts of time. It is addictive and makes huge amounts of money for those who want to sell it. It is sad that this area of destruction in people's lives should be considered "free speech." Since there is no government agency willing to enforce the law and actually restrict obscene material. In fact, some who post on Town Hall consider rape scenes to be just fine as entertainment. Christians who follow Christ will be empowered by His Spirit of purity. The command not to look at a woman to lust after her (Matthew 5) is impossible without the help of Jesus. But, with Jesus' help this is very possible. God can enable us to do what seems strange and odd to the rest of the world. In my life, I was addicted to porn and I was a nominal - in name only - christian. But with both mercy and power Jesus delivered me. Romans 7 and 8. Will the government perform it's duty? I doubt now that it will. But in the Judgement at the end Jesus will assess each person's responsibility and what they did with that. He will give perfect justice to all.
The true solution to increasing CO2 levels is Nuclear Power. This is also the solution to the high price of energy. Around the world the growing population wants energy. Fossil fuels will only increase in price if Nuclear power is not used. Any enviornmentalist who wants to use Wind and Solar to reduce CO2 is actually selling Coal and Natural Gas.
The real test of the sincerity of a person who believes CO2 will warm the earth catastrophically is the type of solutions they propose. Nuclear power is clean, abundant and currently produces electricity cheaper than coal at an average in the USA of 2.4 cents / kwh. It is only expensive to build because of insanely high regulations that slow for years the approval of any new reactor, even those with identical designs on already approved sites. Check out James Hansen's testimony before congress.
??? I read Tom Sawyer a few times through as a boy. I also was exposed to porn. Of the two the quotes in this book are porn now Sawyer. Total fail.
Well written.
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Say 'No' to Bad Science

Think Freely Wrote: May 06, 2014 4:23 PM
Read Jim Hansen's reply to questions from Democrats about Global Warming and Nuclear power. He blames the Democratic party for obstructing building new Nuclear power I have much more respect for Climate scientists who propose actual solutions to increasing CO2.
Look how few people think this is an important issue.
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