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"Strong message to Walker "? A look at the numbers says be won the recall by the same percentage that Carney's. employer garnered in 2008. Just saying. . .
On seeing the large flag the next daybreak still flying in defiance of the bombardment, Key wrote his poem, 15 stanzas, of which most today only know the first. He had experienced a night where the only indication that the Fort had not surrendered was "the rocket 's red glare. . .gave proof. . . that our flag was still there. " Are we the only ones who are brave? No. But these were, to paraphrase a later Churchill, some of America's finest hours. Despite what Press says, they deserve celebration. ,
While the tune may be difficult for the average sedentary American to sing today, that was not always the case. The words, and the behind them, make our Anthem all the sweeter. The War of 1812 was over British impressment of US sailors, effectively ignoring the sovereignty of this new nation. The British eventually left the naval war, sacked Washington DC and started their way to lay destroy Baltimore, effectively cutting the new nation in two if they were successful. They were repulsed by the actions of the men at Fort McHenry. After 25 hours of shelling the fort, the British withdrew due to lack of further ammunition. Francis Scott Key was a reluctant observer on one of the ships in the British fleet.
Memorial Day should always be a time of solemn remembrance, regardless of your poltitcal views. It was establiished after the Civil War: how more politically divisive can you get? I have memories of being taken to the family plot of my fifth-great grandfather. He was what we would call a conscientious objector today in that he felt it wrong to shoot another human being. Nevertheless, he served in the Continental Army as a teamster. During his service, the British overran his farm and destroyed it. The only real compensation our new nation had for veterans and dislocated families were tracts of land in the Ohio valley. This is where he was able to rebuild his life- by moving away from friends to a new frontier.
An ammendment dream not likely to be considered.... Congress shall pass all budgets for the next fiscal year (Oct 1) before June 1 of that year. Failure to submit these budgets for Presidential approval will result in the immediate disqualification of all members of that congressional session to to stand for re-election in their respective cycles.
. “No national leader before you,” Dr. Crowe said as he turned to look directly at the Professor President, “has fully understood the role of education, knowledge and learning, in fulfilling the American ideal..” While I can rationalize Crowe's dismissal of James Garfield (Classics Professor, then Principal of what is now Hiram College), how can he discount Thomas Jeffersons founding of the University of Virginia or that Woodrow Wilson was President of Princeton University before elected to the US Presidency? Surely these national leaders undertood the "role of education, ..." Dr Crow either had to be misquoted, had to be ignorant of US presidents in academic history, or was deliberately pandering to his guest.
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