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Frank was a huge player the first go around. How short on facts a "make it up as you go along" lib's memeory is. Old Barney said "everyone deserves a house whether they can afford it or not" then turned on a dime and blamed the very banks he coerced into making thousands of sub-prime loans which he doubled ended for personal gain- money at one end votes at the other.- then twinkles toes proposed Dodd Frank which has further destroyed banking/lending---and now the old homosexual has retired on taxpayer money for the rest of his miserable life. Frank is many despicable things--but he was and is smart enough to dupe fools such as you.
In case you have not noticed the "victim indoctrinated" blacks and the gays and hundreds of thousands of misfits are running i.e. ruining the country and they will be allowed this poiwer so long as they kiss Obama/Soros a-- every sinlge day of their miserable lives. Patriotic private sector family oriented people who dare to believe in God have thus far been succesfully rendered impotent save a few courageous few who continue to speak out. The media has been effective in keeping their voices very muted We are witnessing a dictatorship coming to power at warp speed. This wllll not have a peaceful or happy ending rather this is just the beginning of great suffering and hardship driven by a vengeful person named Obama.
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Sexting with the Stars

THINK! Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 1:25 PM
Duh--what gave you your first clue? Obama is a Muslim/believer of Islamic rule and law. He holds the office of President--supplanted through corruption, fraud and a contemptible stupid lazy electorate.
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Demography Is Destiny

THINK! Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 11:23 AM
I am an American and I am now in the minority. I did not think I would live to see this country fall. I am grateful my parents died and did not have to witness the mass treason spreading across the land.
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Is Demography Destiny?

THINK! Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 12:16 PM
Do minorities have no abiility to think for themselves? Are common sense thinking people forever required to carry these million What does that say about their work ethic and desire to acheive independence. Democrats offer to take care of minorities to buy votes and it works. Most refuse even to listen to those few within their own ethnic or social group. that argue for personal accomplishment and ambition. I am convinced they simply do not want responsiblility for their own lives--- they firmly believe they are owed endless support for no other reason than they are within a so called minority. The real minority in this country today is the private sector taxpaying working person.
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It's Hard to Be a Republican

THINK! Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 11:53 AM
This country no longer is made up of peole who have strong morals and ethics. People are lazy and without any sort of moral compass. They live their lives believing someone else is reponsible for any challenge or hardship that comes their way. The concept that poor personal decisions will ultimately lead to difficult consequences is completely foreign to them. It took generations for this aberrant thinking and behavior to take over as the majority mindset. The reversal of this now well establishedt attitude of millions will not reverse in a few years. The country that once was the United States is gone and people alive today will not live to see it return to a land of honor and opportunity. I believe it never will.
That's a joke---right? Lots of ex-vets out there who took an oath to give their life for the Consitution--and now they will just sit and watch the cowardly left implement a distatorship? You might want to rethink that post.
I think anyone who believes millions of gun owners are gong to line up and willingly turn in their guns is vastly underestimating the determination of a very well armed citizenry. Many peole who claim they want gun control have considerable arsenals themselves. The left is all about do as I say not as I do. The NRA has millions of members and millions more who are not members but nonetheless own not a gun but hundreds of them along with stock piles of amunition. Who will enforce this usurping of the Constitution? The United States military will not turn on the citizens at large. Obama may wish many things, but remember the adage "if wishes were horses beggars would ride".Ultimately the people will keep their guns and amunition.
I think you have her confused with the "Obama Phone" activist. Now that person had more than a slight case of the screaming something. You certainly must remember the Obama "Free" Phone paid and bused in protester. She just loves hers Obamaand especially hers Obama "Free" Phone.
The one constant in all of this is the left love money so long as it is their money. Gore wanted to add to his millions hence cap and trade. He could not care less about global warming and could not explain it in meaningful scientific terms if his life depended on it. Yes, the same Al Gore who invented the internet. Now may I interject some common sense. I think we have much more on our plate in this country than global warming. Millions cannot even prepare for a severe storm predicted for over a week. What makes us think we can effect the climate of the whole planet?
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