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Hillary Clinton hasnt been leader yet. But I'm hopeful she will be a great one.
I dont think so. Britain didnt see a return to wealth until well into the 90s
I said nothing about Rick Warren's son.
hardly Ken Men were fine with whatever wives they got.....they had their wh-res on the side
Then you can die. Its necessary
You've attacked me plenty of times
54 US senators have "evolved" on gay marraige since November 2012 and now support it
Peace to you, wil. Try not to hate them, they are mostly old and scared and feeble. I pity them more than I hate them.
1. About 6-7% of ANY population is gay.....half reporting as such, and the other half (approx) too scared to self identify. Maybe throw in another 1% for bisexuals. 2. You confuse gays and gay COUPLES. Not all gays are in a couple and thus cant get married even if they wanted to 3. The average length of time ppl (gay or straight) wait between meeting and getting married is growing longer and longer...years... 4. It doesnt matter what percentage of gay couples marry at first ....what matters is the PRINCIPLE
No...a minority Im sure "grew to love" their spouse...but it wasnt usually done in the "romantic dating/living together" way its done today The parents picked a girls husband
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