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dont worry obamacare will fix everything... NOT. if they wanna help protect hospitals from stupid people suing them for dumb reasons. its odd how this problem is similar to why there are so many lawsuits.. i got a solution.. if you lose a lawsuit YOU PAY THE OTHER PERSONS ATTORNY FEES. that way people will only sue hospitals and others less and hospitals save money cuz there is less paper work.... jsut saying
the main problem with guns people have is they are scared of them. but in reality guns are harmless. its the people that use them thats the problem. back on topic. i think teachers and people at church should be allowed to carry. because a lot of the time just presenting a gun to a robber and the like prevents the crime.
in government no one gets fired they just get reassigned
you do know the constitution is a negitive document right? it says exactly what the government can do. if its not in there they cant do it. its that simple. so the fact that it dosent say they cant means they cant
ya we only vote for republicans because most the time they are better then the dems
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Environmentalists' Wild Predictions

thewcloner Wrote: May 17, 2013 8:57 PM
so true. if the average american remembered more then 6 months there wouldnt even be a democat in the white house and if there was he wouldnt have much power. enviromentalist will always be wrong be cause they have no evidence its all random stuff to get what they want
wait so u say we need to tolerate what u believe but you can hate on us and ban us from campuses because of what we believe? whos the hypocrite here
i wuld like to know too. last i know like 4% of the population pays 80% of the taxes
i say everyone and i mean EVERYONE that works in the whitehosue or similar should live in arranged housing/barracks and make about 40 grand a year. that would help. it would also insure that people only got into the whitehouse because they wanted to change things not because they want money and power
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Same Sex Marriage: A Child’s View

thewcloner Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 9:27 PM
it is against God's law. its as simple as that. anyway you spin it. and even if it wernt i dont care if some one is gay but straight people shouldnt be punished because they choose not to let gays into there business for instance. the fact is there has to be an absolute truth otherwise anything goes. and that truth is God's law, aka the bible. as soon as you say there isnt then anything goes. if there is no absolute truth then why can't i murder someone? or rape someone? and then why not stop and gays or lesbians why cant preteen kids marry or why cant we marry animals? i can go on and on but as soon as you say there is no TRUTH then anything goes.
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