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I agree, let's talk about this obammi the commi. What do you say. How many jobs have you ever created in the private sector? How many real jobs have you actually held? And what about that birth certificate there sunshine? Since your grandparents, mother, and first mentor were communist, is that why you have always relied on the government for everything you've ever done or had? What about this obammi the commi. Can you actually explain these items without lying?
and why Moochelle is bowlegged
com bi na tion
According to liberal logic, with in and of itself is a an impossible combonation, liberal + logic: Aparently I'm suppose to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his own money, than what obammi the commi does with mine. Hmmmmmm, typical liberal feckless nonsensical bromidrose.
obammi the commi is so full of bull expulsion his skin is turning brown,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh wait.
I don't know, maybe your mom is the alternate.
Idiotic liberal logic says that apparently I'm suppose to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what obama the communist does with mine. Amazing liberal reasoning and logic huh.
So have all you liberal sheeple figured out what obumbler is doing yet? No? Still completely stupid huh.
I couldn't disagree more. Sarah wasn't the problem for the VP nomination, but McCain WAS the problem for potus nomination.
One commi liberal recidivistic liar or the other, makes no difference.
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