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Only Issue now Facing Americans is Freedom

ThetruthRuth Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 3:13 PM
Did you understand he said "Obama wants to raise taxes on the successful and pull capital out of the market?" So that means he does not want to be taxed. Right? why throw the fear out there if that not what you meant. Then he said "Obama wants to cut defense and military spending to the bone?" So that means he for goverment spending with out having money to pay for since he does not want to be taxed. So show where "Redneck didn't advocate for no taxes and more spending."?
The political parties throw a lot of glitz at us with their made-for-TV spectaculars, which we call conventions.

But the bottom line defining the choice facing Americans this year is stark and clear, and these conventions provide no new insights or information.

If you think we’re struggling because we don’t have enough government, then the Democrats are the party for you. If you think the point of government is to protect individual freedom, and the problem is it has gone way beyond that, then Republicans are the party for you.

No visual dominates the landscape...