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Woodward-Sperling Flap May Turn Tide

TheTruther Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 11:19 AM
From your keyboard to God's eyes. I believe it's exposed so much of the duplicitness (?) of this administration on several levels that even those that support him, but turned a blind eye, would now have to doubt his ability to lead AND his cynical tactics as well. Not everyone will be swayed, as there are still those with their heads in the sand regarding this guy, but even if it's 2-3% that would be significant.
There is a rule in Politics 2013 that's evident in the flap about a White House aide's maybe threatening or not threatening Washington Post veteran reporter Bob Woodward. The rule: The more superficial the brouhaha the bigger its impact.

What public figures say is more important than what they do, because cable TV and political blogs can cover a mud fight more cheaply and more easily than they can a real story.

Quick synopsis: Woodward has reported doggedly on the White House's role in putting "sequester" cuts -- $85 billion this year -- in the 2011 Budget Control Act. Last week, as Woodward...

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