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That was my belief with the Patriot Act. I/we could trust Bush and the GOP to protect us. Not so with the Dems. Like the old saying, give them an inch and they'll take a mile.
But it stymies Reid and O not producing a budget, which is a good thing...among others. GOP legislation blocked by O and Reid will put in the spotlight (which isn't now, due to the press protecting them) and the press can't ignore reporting on it. Of course, the press will slant it to the Dem narrative but enough people will see the obstruction of growth the Dems have laid on us for six years running.
It's all a part of checks and balances which, before Obama and his abuse of Executive Orders, worked really well. It's to prevent any one branch of government from getting too much power. It's designed to work slowly so that a concensus is built over time and rash things- like bailouts- aren't the order of the day.
I was thinking the same thing.
Yes. O can always veto them and even if the 60 vote mandate stays in effect, and the GOP doesn't reach it, it will clearly define O and the Dems attitude toward the economy, making a 2016 GOP president a distinct possibility.
I just hope the GOP has the nutz to play the same way the Dems did.
O can veto his own nominations? Not sure I follow you on that one....And Reid did open the can of worms by going nuclear to get some flaming libs on the DC Court of Appeals, so procedural methods are fair game for the writing. Of course, the MSM will be up in arms if the GOP does it but nary a word when the Dems did it. In fact, on Yahoo News it was off the screen within a half a day.
From your keyboard to God's monitor!!!
If Peters voted for Obamacare, then that's enough o vote against him. Throw in supporting the open border policy of Obama and it's a sealed deal.The rest is icing on the cake.
They photoshopped the size of his head too.
That's a start...Expanded HSA's...start medical IRA's so young people can take advantage of time and compound earnings to save fro future healthcare costs....charge premiums based on sound actuarial principles (women use a doctor three times more than men do yet under Ocare they pay the same premiums)...
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