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O can veto his own nominations? Not sure I follow you on that one....And Reid did open the can of worms by going nuclear to get some flaming libs on the DC Court of Appeals, so procedural methods are fair game for the writing. Of course, the MSM will be up in arms if the GOP does it but nary a word when the Dems did it. In fact, on Yahoo News it was off the screen within a half a day.
From your keyboard to God's monitor!!!
If Peters voted for Obamacare, then that's enough o vote against him. Throw in supporting the open border policy of Obama and it's a sealed deal.The rest is icing on the cake.
They photoshopped the size of his head too.
That's a start...Expanded HSA's...start medical IRA's so young people can take advantage of time and compound earnings to save fro future healthcare costs....charge premiums based on sound actuarial principles (women use a doctor three times more than men do yet under Ocare they pay the same premiums)...
Their new strategy will be to fix the fix they were fixin' to fix Ocare with.
Clever synopsis and application of pertinent quotes....Good post.
Little sound like a racist and a heterophobe. What's the matter, just break up with your boyfriend?
It's up to us to keep it alive...copy this article, and email it to yourself and then copy and paste it in the chat boards when the topic comes up and some dumbazz lib goes off on their mindless defenses of Mrs. Clinton.
Try to imagine this guy in a room with a bunch of hardcore politician's negotiating a deal and has to talk knowledgeably on budgets, GDP, monetary policy, environmental policy, etc. He'd be in even more over his head than the comedian from Minnesota....Please say this is just a publicity stunt to help a flagging entertainment career. Please.
NO!!! We have way too many lawyers who are by disposition inclined to write more and more laws, contradicting, existing laws and making it more difficult to run our own lives. As well, they are just plain out of touch. A law practice has a much higher profit margin than any other 'business' and so they just don't understand how their imposition of laws/regulations effects the normal business running on a 1-2% profit margin. We need more (successful) business people and doctors in congress and the White House.
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