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I would not mind seeing a dissolution into red or blue. The problem is most blue states are so only in the major cities where they rely on severe and debilitating welfare rolls. Geographically it would be almost impossible to get those of like minds into a contiguous country.
I've been asking liberals on these boards for three years a simple question: If America were to split into red and blue to form two separate countries, within 5-10 years, which one would be prosperous and which one would be bankrupt with rioting in the streets?... They never answer.
Yeah baby... I overheard a woman on the Strip in Las Vegas say to her husband/boyfriend that she hopes Air Force One goes down and all of the pilots and crew bail out safely.
If she has Pelosi's endorsement that's good enough for me....to vote for anybody or anything else running against her. They say you can indict a ham sandwich. Does that mean you can vote for one, too?
And take money from others so they feel they are generous human beings.
Completely irrelevant. But let's play that game. Do you know who is in contempt of Congress? Eric Holder!
Great smack down! I think lois is just looking for attention.
So true...The idiots just want to hear what they want to hear, or they keep it general without specifics- of instance, 'there was conflicting testimony' but not telling us what that conflicting testimony is...
The lie is about the conflicting testimony...People saw things from different angles. The part about him having his hands up in surrender is proven false by 'witnesses' retracting previous testimony, other witnesses saying he didn't have his hands raised in surrender (and that the only raising of hands on Brown's part was when he charged the officer and put his hands out in a 'tackling' motion) and forensic evidence.... Sorry, next lie you have for us.
Great idea! They're crying for justice, lets give it to them!
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