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America, Meet Wendy Davis

TheTruther Wrote: Jun 28, 2013 5:24 PM
I seriously doubt you were ever a Republican....Conservatives enjoy supporting the needy and, in fact, support charitable causes at a significantly higher rate than liberals do, across all economic strata, that's be shown by multiple studies that go back at least a decade. What we don't support are those gaming the system (and there's a whole bunch of those) or someone leading a criminal or amoral lifestyle or being given opportunity after opportunity to straighten their act out but they continue to take, take, take from others. We have adults in their 50's who have lived their entire lives off of tax-payer funding. That's just greed on their part, not on those that are asked to keep funding the Ponzi-scheme. As well, running the money through a bureaucracy wastes around 38 cents for every dollar given so it's best to run it through local charities/churches for three reasons. One, it's more efficient and less wasteful. Two, it's more effective. Three, it holds folks accountable. Instead of getting a check blindly mailed to them, they sit across the desk from someone who asks a few questions first. That puts a conscience into them. Those with a conscience anyway.
TheTruther Wrote: Jun 28, 2013 5:25 PM
AS well, there are many people out there wanting to adopt but the process has become filled with so much read-tape that the couples often go outside the country. Less government, better caring for the people.