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i'm just like a latino except i'm white,and just like latinos and unlike lib Caucasians,i'm not ashamed of being white.damned proud as a matter of fact.proud of my white ancestors no guilt,no i support sheriff Joe partly because he's white,my race,just like a latino would's cultural pride not racism.and if you don't like it,f.u.
ummm still chris christie is a conservative.
all the economic indicators are bad, americans,by a big majority think the country is headed in the wrong direction and the government is too big....and yet this joker in the white house has a great chance of getting reelected.unless he is as bad a politician as Carter,and he ain't,and unless Romney is as good as Reagan,and he ain't,we are in for nasty news come this November.i pray we can capture the senate.....possible but unlikely.
Hoyer is a perfect example of the old,dried up politician that is bankrupt of ideas.the repubs have plenty too.
hey nevada...thanks a lot for this 1st class turd.
we need our guns too shoot the drones out of the sky.
i bet Axelrod did.the dudes delusional.
free speech protects offensive speech as well as non offensive speech.i guess people have the right to flag speech on this forum but that is the cowards way.
beats what Monica was pelted with.pow,right in the kisser.
another candidate for the media Mensa presidency.
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