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Public education is a state issue, not federal. The federal government cannot mandate states to provide any kind of education. Not in the Constitution and I believe that it is covered by the 10th Amendment.
Clinton has been doing this all of her married life. Why would anyone be surprised by her behavior?
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Will Dunbar Rise Again?

The Texas Eagle Wrote: May 01, 2014 8:44 AM
Short answer to final question: yes.
I am sure that the NAACP and "Reverend" Jackson already have made suggestions as to where Sterilng's "fine" should be distributed.
What happened to free speech and freedom of association. His comments were made in private and they caused no harm to anyone. I thought everyone was entitled to his own opinion. So, where are the fines and outrage over racist comments made by Sharpton, J. Jackson, and any number of black celebrities?
Why, when we have so many better choices?
Pro-Life is NOT anti-choice as you referred to them several times in this piece.
This is exactly what happened in WWII just before they (Ukrainians and Nazis) started slaughtering the Russian Jews and Russians. There are still some out there who do not understand why the Russians in Ukraine are trying to ally themselves with Russia and seeking protection. This is the reason. They have not forgotten their history.
Wrong consonant - should have been a "p".
These are the same people who refuse to believe that life begins at conception. Once conception occurs, there is absolutely nothing else the fertilized egg can become, except human (male or female).
Any film of her bursting into flames?
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