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Answering Ted Olson

The Texas Eagle Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 11:52 AM
Why should we "give social acceptance" to aberrant behavior? Homosexuality is a choice of behavior, it is not natural. Acceptance is exactly what they seek and it is exactly what should be withheld by those of us who do not agree to the immorality of these unnatural relationships. Being homosexual is not good for anyone.
Abbott is up by far more than 8 points. He will win by 25-30 points, if not more.
She was finished long ago. Never really had a chance, actually.
You are wrong.
I can't believe that Town Hall will not allow us to use D*** Cheney.
Name one time they (press or Democrats) ever cut George Bush (either one), or Dan Quayle, or Richard Cheney "some slack" for any mistake they made, no matter how "inconsequential."
Too bad she can't get votes from out-of-state. That would be the only way she won't lose by double digits. What are those people getting for their money? She can not win.
And yet, you read it, and commented on it.
None of my daughters would ever do such a stupid thing to begin with, they have been raised better. What's with everyone calling a twenty eight year-old deserter and coward a "child?"
Why is anyone surprised about any of this?
No, it just goes to show the Administration's total contempt for the American people and the truth.
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