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I completely agree with the sentiments in this article, but I too, had difficult time concentrating on the article for all of the grammatical errors. If you are going to claim to be a writer, you should know how to write.
There is no "radical Islam," there is only Islam and the Koran.
She's not pretending.
What are we doing?
There's no "radical element" there are only Muslims practicing their religion.
Daniel - Why do you refer to this attack as a "lone wolf attack"?
These actions are what real Muslims think. They are merely following their religion. There is no such thing as a radical Muslim, there are only Muslims.
Dear World, Just another case of workplace violence. Nothing to see here. Move along. Hugs and kisses, Barack Obama, Eric Holder
They better choose their restaurants carefully. But, then again, they are cowards. I'd like to see tem try this cr@p in Texas (anywhere but Austin).
Won't make it a year. It's -4 here, right now.
Why should anyone be allowed to tell me what I can, or can not eat? Are they paying the bills? Bacon! ummmmmm.
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