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Not all charter schools are good, in fact most of them are not. Unscrupulous charter operators cast all schools under suspicion. There are a number of studies that show charters do not educate students better than "traditional" public schools. There are a few good charters out there, but charters must be granted carefully, especially when public money is involved.
Too late for that.
So, Obama supports murder and believes the government should finance it.
None will be employed.
Sure they can, they do it all of the time. Who holds them accountable?
Couldn't TH find a better photo of Officer Wilson? Maybe in his uniform, "standing tall and looking good," as we used to say in the Army.
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Should We Ban Homework?

The Texas Eagle Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 10:50 AM
Two things: First, the only way to get better at anything is through focused, deliberate practice. Second, our children spend a little less than 12% of their time -- kindergarten - twelfth grade -- in a school building.
These people have completely lost their minds, if they ever had one to lose.
First lesson of real leadership: the leader of any organization squad, platoon, company, battalion, brigade, division, army, IBM, Walmart, or the United States of America is directly responsible for all that the organization does -- or FAILS to do. That's it.
Me, too. I have never seen one that banned guns.
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