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The regulators, who primarily represent the interests of the established taxi companies have a primary goal of keeping as much power as possible. Now, to Uber -- Insurance and liability are a concern but not insurmountable. Otherwise, I know with Uber what my ride will cost, what the driver looks like, what type of vehicle and I can be pretty damn sure the driver will show up.
Harry Reid deserves another term -- this time 5 to 10 in Federal prison.
Yes, they can still print money. Poorly worded. The Fed and fiat currency help hide the shenanigans. But that doesn't answer the question of how going back to the gold standard will shrink our economy.
This explains why Bush is so popular with the GOP beltway establishment and the media. Insulting the base is a sure way to get good press but also a sure way to failure. Who knows, maybe Bush will be lucky and the Dems will nominate another Dukakis?
How would go back to the gold standard shrink our economy? The real issue with the gold standard is it doesn't let the Federal Reserve or the politicians play games with our money. They can't print their way out of debt. They can't pretend to be controlling the economy.
Wow, an entire column without a conspiracy theory, without mention of blow back, with blaming the USA or Israel for all of the world's problems. I'm a frequent critic of The Ron, but he gets this one right. Spot on. We not only need an audit of the Federal Reserve, but a new charter that limits its powers.
Here's an idea -- let's make K-12 education better! - Eliminate the federal Department of Education. It's a state and local job - Break the government-teacher union educational complex. Teachers yes, teachers unions no. - More charter schools - Vouchers for everyone. - No social promotions - Schools focus on education. Leave social engineering and thought control to the parents
One - Lefties dominate the mainstream media and there just isn't a market for it. Talk radio is conservative because there is a demand for it (conservative talk) not met by newspapers or television. Two - Lefties are angry, hateful, petty people and while they can hide that in an hour broadcast on TV, they can't do it on an unscripted, live radio show.
"There was a true threat to our national existence during the Cold War, when nuclear incineration was perpetually half an hour away." The problem with that kind of thinking is the leaders of the USA and USSR never had death wishes. They didn't belong to death cults and wanted to avoid war. We actually lived in a safer world then.
This from a man who thinks global warming is a real problem.
I think Chapman worries too much about police shootings. If we could eliminate all the deaths of black people by police, the difference would be unnoticeable statistically. Yet Chapman ranted on and on about police shootings of blacks in a recent column. Chapman also worries too much about racial profiling. Nobody ever died directly from police profiling, but Chapman also ranted on and on about it as well.
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