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I tell ya, they're mad in Kansas and they might cut off their noses to spite their face. It may keep the Senate under Harry Reid's control.
Yep. Kansas has a closed primary. You can only vote Republican in the primary if you are a registered Republican.
Even Karl Rove could come up with a campaign to beat this guy. Come on!
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Will the West Defend Itself?

The Teleprompter Speaks Wrote: 10 hours ago (2:07 PM)
We have plenty of oil. There is more oil in the world than anybody ever knew about. Premise 1 is invalid. Premise 2 is based on the belief that these people would just go about their own business if Israel didn't exist. Wrong again. First, these people have nothing else other than terrorism. Second, without Israel there would be more direct attacks here.
Yes, they are mad at a party establishment that works against them. Admittedly, electing Orman has serious consequences. But how else to get the GOP elites' attention?
In this case, it's anger, not stupidity that's the issue.
People in Kansas are mad at the GOP establishment. The party elites are at war with their members. Many people think Senator Roberts is out of touch with Kansas and has served too long (both true, IMO). They don't like how the establishment handled itself during the primary.
Republicans in Kansas are mad as hell at the GOP establishment and many are in the mood to fight back by not backing the establishment candidate.
England had no army or air force to use against Hitler in 1938. If they had listened to Churchill, they could have stared down Hitler and stopped the war. But because they wanted peace at all costs, they were unable to stop a madman.
Many, many strawmen here. Why do you guys love to say we shouldn't have invaded Iraq since it had nothing to do with it? It's a fact everyone accepts and was not the reason we went to war with them.
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