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Are you sure the picture is her? Are you sure the picture is a her?
Will it work? That depends -- what is the REAL goal?
Ask any American college student about Cuba, Castro or Che. You may be surprised to learn how much admiration they have.
Does Sullum believe we waterboard terrorists without a purpose? Does he believe we torture simply to see them suffer? Does he believe the terrorists haven't been vetted, investigated and carefully examined? Can he find a single detainee wrongly tortured, that is, somebody who wasn't a terrorist or a member of a terrorist organization?
Is it better to let thousands or tens of thousands die instead? Let's say terrorists get a dirty bomb and use it on a major city. What is the cost? What price would you pay to prevent it? Could you live with yourself if you didn't do everything you could possibly do to prevent it?
Maybe the author is not a "Conservative?" Perhaps a conservative should be drafted to write "The Conservative Case for [Anything]?"
I am Air Force veteran. We learned about how the Geneva Convention only applies between the nations that signed the treaty. North Korea never signed the treaty. They were (and still are) under no obligation to treat American POWs according to the Geneva Convention. During the Korean War, we also had no obligation to treat their POWs according. Same during the Vietnam War. North Vietnam never signed the Geneva Conventions. They we under no obligation to observe the conventions and badly mistreated American POWs. The facts about treaties and international law are well-known. Facts, not opinions, matter. We are not obligated to treat al Qaeda prisoners or any other unlaw enemy combatants according to Geneva Convention rules. To the best of my knowledge, we have every right to summarily execute them as terrorists or unlawful enemy combatants.
The US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. You can't get that basic fact right.
Wrong. Again, you need to learn about international law and treaties. This is a well-known fact, not opinion.
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