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Don't forget voter fraud. Early voting with no voter ID requirements were very, very important.
There is no doubt he did it and it's illegal. I also have little doubt that others who gave to the right candidate got away with the same thing.
Lois, why don't you travel to the Syria/Turkey border and minister to them?
I thought you guys already said we have a war on drugs? The Mexican cartels are not the Mexican government. Don't you understand the difference?
"Libya" did not kill our ambassador. Islamic terrorists killed our ambassador. "Pakistan" did not kill Daniel Pearl. Islamic terrorists did. Next.
Neither have they. You don't know what you're talking about. You don't understand what territorial waters are.
He's repeating things we can't explain.
That's not an explanation.
Congress has to power to declare war. Now what form must they file to make it official? What constitutes a declaration of war, in your constitutional scholar opinion?
No, we like those things. Guess again.
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