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There was a primary you know...
Mostly agree. Wow, I better re-read to check.
Chapman is being ridiculed because he parrots the nonsense about no flight bans. We can impose a flight ban but still allow relief flights. ISIS wants to establish a world-wide Islamic empire. They have plans to attack us. Should we wait for another 9/11 before we take action?
It appears to be easier to catch Ebola than HIV. I don't know, though, because the government experts can't get their stories -- or their facts -- straight.
Let's run away and hope our enemies never attack us. After thousands of Americans are dead and our economy seriously damaged, then let's do something to protect ourselves.
This is from a man who believes global warming is a threat.
NONE OF US are in the position to evaluate the threat from ISIS. We don't have all the facts. We also haven't been told everything about the Ebola threat, but fears regarding it to appear to be overblown. The CDC, the White House and the rest of the government have mismanaged the Ebola crisis, mismanaged the three cases (so far) in the US and people don't trust we're getting the truth. Because we have the usual ZERO leadership and typical government incompetence, people are worried. The threat from ISIS or any other terrorist group isn't that they can destroy us but they can cause serious damage to our infrastructure and economy. They don't need an army for that no more than AQ needed an air force to destroy the Twin Towers or attack the Pentagon. How many billions in dollars damage did AQ do on 9/11? Don't forget the direct and indirect economic impacts -- we entered a recession immediately after the attacks and millions lost their jobs. Nobody anywhere in government wants that to be repeated on their watch.
Do we really need the FDA to approve new drugs? Can't people decide on their own if the drugs work or not? Limit the FDA role to gathering and reporting facts on drug safety -- does it harm the patient -- and let people figure out for themselves if it works.
Why waste your time arguing with the ignorant and idiotic? They're aren't open to facts or debate.
Which state was responsible for Benghazi? It happened in Libya, but there is no evidence of government involvement. Libya is in chaos and the government can't control the militias and terrorists. Would you nuke or bomb Libya over Benghazi? Remember, the US (Obama) put the country in the state it's in today. Maybe we should bomb ourselves?
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