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While not giving any examples in his column, borrowing from China is the exact opposite of what the Swiss are attempting to do.
Yep. And the Dem-dominated KS Supreme Court is going to help get him elected by rewriting the law from the bench.
How stupid must you be to write that! Everyone who read your post is dumber for having done it.
There are only two types of Democrats in the House -- Those who actively pursue the party agenda and those who passively follow it.
Perhaps we've found the one Democrat who, if elected to Congress, will disobey Pelosi and the other party bosses. Yeah, right. Democrats rule over their caucus with an iron grip. Has she taken any money from national Democrat organization? Any money from Pelosi or other Democrats House leadership PACs?
If Republicans running for office can pretend to be Republicans, why can't Democrats?
People in this country can't get health care. Veterans' can't get health care. We're going to send doctors and troops to Africa to fight Ebola. Maybe those soldiers will get health care?
Maybe they should be treating people in the USA suffering from ObamaCare instead?
Why do you need to know about my banking accounts? Or anybody elses accounts? Get a warrant if there is probable cause.
A sensible column.
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