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I think Herman Cain got something right -- 9-9-9 tax. Personally, I favor no corporate income tax. A corporate income tax is a legal fiction. Do away with the payroll taxes and replace with a flat-rate national sales tax. Do away with the graduated income tax and replace with a low, flat broad tax. Set a flat rate on corporate taxes (no corporate income tax is not politically possible in the foreseeable future). And to repeat my previous post, without establishing this in the constitution with an amendment, Congress will muck it up.
Real tax reform is going to require a constitutional amendment that's specific about what is taxed, how it's taxed and the tax rate. Otherwise, we're just opening Pandora's box by creating an additional form of taxation. Want the Fair Tax? Need to overturn the 16th Amendment and (in the same, new amendment) establish the Fair Tax. Want a flat tax? Same thing - new amendment or a future Congress or Supreme Court will muck it up.
Did they charge you for your burrito?
I needed a laugh and had to read this again. I didn't think Chapman could pull off satire, but here it is. We are the Obama!
I have to believe this article is a satire. It's the only explanation. Obama is reassuring nobody. Obama is calming nobody. The problem is what Obama says and does is in an entirely different plane than the real world. Obama told us Ebola would never come here. Obama told us nobody in the USA would ever get infected by Ebola (which wasn't going to ever come here anyway, because we screen people by asking them "Do you have Ebola"?). Obama's CDC director said you can't catch Ebola from riding on a bus but if you're infected, don't ride a bus because you might infect somebody. So nobody is comforted. Very few people have died from Ebola and actual outbreaks will be rare and limited. But Obama has done nothing to reassure anyone and his double-talk on travel bans while quarantining the troops is so nonsensical he can't believe it when he hears himself speak.
Obama got elected saying things just as ignorant. Elected twice. Elizabeth Warren is battling Hillary to be the Queen Bee of the Democrats, so it's no wonder she's trying to appeal to the far-left by such statements. BTW: Have you ever noticed how many members of the far left are pretty well-to-do?
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Incumbents Always Win

The Teleprompter Speaks Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 12:00 PM
In theory, convicted felons who have completed their sentences are rehabilitated, right?
Islamic terrorism is not simply a crime. And I'm pretty sure you don't approve of many of the methods used to combat organized crime, either.
You guys crack me up. Wow, there is no getting through your shields. Response to any criticism is the same.
Yes, everyone who disagree is not a "True Conservative."
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