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Canada needs to look deep inside themselves and discover why the terrorists hate them so much. Probably something to do with all their interventions in other people's business. It is possible, however, that the terrorists don't know Canada is an independent country. They may think Canada is part of the United States. If the terrorists are public school graduates, this is distinctly possible. Whatever, if Canada just starts treating the terrorists with respect and dignity, these attacks will surely go away.
McDonalds needs to reduce their menu. Too many items and very few of them are much good.
I'm sure it's our fault somehow. The shooter probably used a gun bought illegally in the USA. The terrorist (oops, alleged perpetrator) who ran down and killed that soldier was probably driving a big, gas guzzling American-made SUV. The killings were probably done to protest Americans consuming more than our fair share. Prove it's not true /sarc [for the clueless.]
Somebody else starts a war and you call the neo-cons aggressive? Interesting perspective. Probably wouldn't be any war if America disarmed and protected ourselves with citizen militias.
Very funny. Best joke so far today.
Obama is transformational but not in a good way.
There was a primary you know...
Mostly agree. Wow, I better re-read to check.
Chapman is being ridiculed because he parrots the nonsense about no flight bans. We can impose a flight ban but still allow relief flights. ISIS wants to establish a world-wide Islamic empire. They have plans to attack us. Should we wait for another 9/11 before we take action?
It appears to be easier to catch Ebola than HIV. I don't know, though, because the government experts can't get their stories -- or their facts -- straight.
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