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You won't get any if the Dems keep the Senate
Agreed. However, be sure to let Roberts and McConnell, et al, know you voted for them only because you didn't have a better choice.
Thank you, Kansas Supreme Court for re-writing the clear language of the law to suit your purposes. "I can't win" is now "I'm unable to serve if elected."
The argument is the Bible proves itself. This is not so.
Read history and learn yourself somethin'
Those are actual facts.
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The Power of Changed Minds

The Teleprompter Speaks Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 12:55 PM
Obama intends to 1) Take no responsibility for the mess he's made. 2) Do something just to silence his critics. 3) Do as little as possible 4) Kick the can down the road and leave a mess for the next president to clean up. Obama has been coddled all his life and has not had to stand up to scrutiny and criticism. He lacks the ability for reflection and reconsideration as that would be admitting to mistakes.
The weaker party or the stupider party? BTW: Don't confuse the stupid party (GOP) with the party of the stupid (Democrats).
We know Jesus lived and was crucified. His divinity, the virgin birth and his resurrection are matters of faith. Anybody that tries to prove these things is just misguided.
If you would rather see somebody you agree with 5% of the time elected instead of somebody you agree with 15% of the time... you probably are an idiot.
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