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The Fort Hood shooter has PTSD and he never even deployed! Once you accept that, anything is possible.
Yet again, we see Chapman really doesn't understand what he's writing about. "Insanity' is a legal term, not a psychiatric one. A person can be clinically "crazy" (definitely not a psychiatric term, BTW) and yet criminally, legally liable for their actions.
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Kochs and Unions

The Teleprompter Speaks Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 7:52 PM
Liberals have a herd mentality. Some thought leader pushes a meme and if it catches, everyone believes it unquestioningly. In fact, liberals never question their own beliefs. Conservatives and libertarians also have these issues. However, conservatives and libertarians just happen to believe memes that are sometimes right (that is, correct). Liberals believe things that are usually wrong.
While "Amateur" seems to accurately describe all aspects of the Obama admtinistration, the implication is the foreign policy mess they created is by accident, negligence or incompetence. Far from it, it's by design. Obama wants this nation to not be a world leader. Obama wants a multi-polar world. Obama wants China and Russia to be able to challenge America. Obama wants Iran to have a bomb.
The last election, the big money was behind the Democrats and they still lost big. That left-wing billionaire Hollywood limousine liberal money didn't buy very many Congressional seats.
I must have just skimmed this at first reading. He was so on point and then he turned into THE RON and shot off on tangents about interventionism and monetary policy. If only he could stay on point!
Thomas Jefferson, who went to war with the Barbary pirates? Ron Paul is no Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson didn't ask what our ships and sailors were doing sailing off the coasts of North Africa. Thomas Jefferson didn't say it was blowback that caused the problem and didn't decide to just have our navy patrol our territorial waters.
Every state I've lived in mandates a publicly-funded education in the state constitution. This is called federalism, where the federal government has certain powers and responsibilities and those not specifically granted to the federal government are reserved for the states.
Oh, yeah, I must have skimmed through this at first reading. Why does he have to bring up interventionism on every column? Does it really tie together? If Ron Paul's thinking about interventionism and blowback is correct, we'd still be at war with Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, etc., etc. Sure, sometimes he's right about interventionism, but it's not the universal cause of all of the world's problems.
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