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A Third Party

The Teleprompter Speaks Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 11:48 AM
We will always have two major parties unless big changes are made in our system. Sometimes a major party fades away and a new party emerges. Usually, the third party is absorbed into one of the major parties, where it influences the direction of the party, or it just goes away. Most third parties just go away.

During the Q & A section of my speech to the Chamber group here last night, someone asked what I thought about the concept of a third party to counter the influence of the right wing of the Republican Party.

If there were a true independent third party in the U.S. House and Senate of, say, 10 percent of the membership that would mean 43 Members in the House and 10 Senators.

It is unlikely that either Republicans or Democrats would have enough votes to organize either Chamber without the buy-in of the independents.

Or, put another way,...