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congress to BHO..."screw you"
This is an opportunity for Red States. 1. Offer to fund Blue State gun confiscation/buyback with stipulation that guns are shipped to Red State for decommissioning. 2. Remove firing pins from guns, sell the now non-functioning weapon to Red State citizens as a conversation piece, modern art, etc. Sell the firing pin separately as a toothpick, scribe, etc. Plead ignorance when it becomes apparent that the people have reassemble the weapons. 3. Having disarmed Blue States, tell FedGov to take a hike on pretty much everything.
Colin Powell has descended past Wesley Clark. Proof that military service does not a patriot make. Mr. Powell, or can I call you Colon? Colon it is. Colon, you sir are clueless, 4 people are dead and yet it's no one's fault. They called for help, fought valiantly for hours, only to be killed while awaiting air support that never came. Colon, you stink.
Two years ago.10 years ago. Now, it's just too late
I am excited about Blue State Governor's taking weapons away from their constituents. I am all for it. If I was a Red State governor, I would actually craft legislation that calls for my state to offer to fund a gun buyback and "destruction" program in Blue States. Specifically, the legislation would authorize the State to purchase the guns, remove the firing pins and then sell the pins and firearm separately to citizens of Red States. This would do two things, 1. Remove weapons from Blue States, because they obviously aren't responsible enough to own them. 2. Generate revenue for the Red State and further arm it's own citzenry.
Jerry555, take heart my friend, there are still plenty of us wolves out here.
I'm loving the Democrat governor's responses to the Newtown massacre. Go ahead, ban firearms in your states. I applaud Maryland's governor for wanting to ban all assault weapons, fingerprint gun owners and license them for every weapon they own. Please go ahead and do this, those of us in Sane States with Sane governors will gladly sit back and watch your insanity, knowing that you will become irrelevant. We'll stop paying taxes to the FedGov to support your nanny states and when you protest and threaten us with police action, we'll just smirk and say, we still have guns.
I enjoyed this immensely. I do disagree with Shapiro on some points, however, for the most part he really handed it to Piers Morgan. I especially loved when Shapiro mocked his phony balony British accent. PM just could not grasp what Shapiro said multiple times as the reason for the 2nd amendment. Glad to see Ben stick to the same explanation over and over again, instead of going off the rails attacking that idiot PM.
laughable that libtards still believe Obama is a friend of the middle class. Jack Lew, Wall Street Banker. $950,000 bonus for running his company into the ground so badly that it needed a bailout. Looks more and more like you idiots on the left are just that, idiots.
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Second Term = Obama Unbound

The Spear Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 1:29 PM
Ladies and Gentleman, We are seeing 1776 all over again. We are being ruled by a far away gov't that does nothing but tax us to death, spends like a drunken sailor and attempts to regulate our activity and with the addition of Obamacare, inactivity. We are not free. It is time to stop sending our tax dollars to D.C. It is time to reject this government.
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