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Georgia Boy is wrong. Obama created 21 new taxes within Obamacare/Tax. That's 21 NEW TAXES!
Oh yeah Our Ocean space is so polluted that Obama doesn't have any problem giving away our drilling rights to NATO to drill though, now does he?
Really? Everything at Walmart is made in China. You have to look really really hard to find an item made in America at Walmart.
Amen to that. Defund Medicaid. And as for the idea that Social Security and Medicare are "entitlements"? Only a liberal idiot would subscribe to that theory.
It's theft by deception and you are one of the deceivers. Kerry raises taxes on Americans who work 80 hour weeks at two jobs just to put food on the table for their children and you think he deserves to not pay taxes? You are an idiot, just like every other liberal mindless cretin.
ModLiberalMark how can you NOT blame the schools when they speak of Obama as a Savior not a president? When they take the Holocaust out of history books, when they push the liberal doctrine of NO free thinking? You are part of the problem sir.
Ranuss we will shut up when this fraudulent law breaking criminal gets out of the White House. You can posture all you want about Republicans standing their ground but it won't stop us and we will continue our fight to return America to the place of Liberty and Justice for ALL, not just for blacks or illegal immigrants. Your president is dividing this country as a subterfuge to hide his dismal record as president and that is the most hideous crime of all!
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