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Illegitimacy -- Not Teen Pregnancy -- Is the Story

The Sloandog Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 8:03 AM
I would love to see a study of the results of gay adoption over ten years. For the most part gay male couples adopt or through surrogates "father" male children. I find this unnatural occurrence questionable to say the least.

The WaPo's Sarah Kliff thinks we are "in the midst of a big public health success story" because teen births and pregnancies are down 42% since 1990.

At the risk of being the skunk at Ms. Kliff's garden party, I would suggest that her optimism is, perhaps, misplaced.  When most people deplore a high teen pregnancy or birth rate, they are not upset about reproducing teens who are happily married -- working, and/or with a spouse that is.

Rather, when one invokes the term "teen pregnancy," the image that springs to mind is of a young, poor, unwed mother whose...