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Was the guys last name Kerry?
Mike ,hate is such a strong word. How about distrust of the leadership through the history of their actions?
Will,thats a great question and i would love to answer...except that would mean you matter to me ,and you don't.
If it doesn't become a clean house you can look to a EMPTY NEST as the baase leaves the GOP.
George Will and Dr Krauthammer just parroted the GOP,Chamber of Commerce ,Carl Rove talking points mentioned in the article about Ted Cruz. Like i said before : i would love to focus on defeating the dems but the GOP keeps getting in the way.
Hmmm...should I comment now or should I wait for the next ten articles on Mittens?
Better gear up people ,this is going to get worse,this administration will see to it!
Too bad. Another small business is victimized by this progressive society. Coming to a town near you.
You didn't miss anything. In fact you were damn lucky.
The progressive wave of the dumbing down of America marches on.
I see no humor here,just two libturds feeding red meat to the libturd crowd.
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