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And you can't claim that you aren't a lib op.
Carville is a lot of things but he is not stupid. I heard him say that Ted Cruz is someone to watch in the Republican party. He is astute enough to realize that the stupid party will not embrace the young stars that would lead it to victory. Even the the Dems realized that when they dumped the 4xpants suit for bama.
Carville is correct and it will be the GOP leaderships fault.
hmmmm...conservatives feel abandoned by you Senator.
So was Africa....where the black men sold black men to the white man.
Racism means different things to different people. To the falsely accused it is an insult that is almost impossible to rebut and the stigma sticks to you like glue. To the accuser it is a tool of hate used to devastate your opponent with little or no chance of it backfiring on them.Race tactics separates and isolates,it creates animosity where there was none. there will be a terrible price paid for using these tactics of hate.
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The Second American Century

The Sloandog Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 9:33 AM
Sorry,I live in the here and now and all I see is insurmountable debt and expanding entitlements.
Maybe its time for a little for the Nevada method of dealing with tyranny to go nationwide.
Hmmm ...don't like humans? Then try the Huffington Post. Thats where they are no smarter than hamsters,lie like snakes and are herded like sheep.
Besides they would just blame it on climate change.
But what about the children! Oh! The humanity!
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