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He would join obama to import crime ,poverty ,pestilence and terrorism into the country.
How many lies do you want him to tell you?
Yes they pass it!
Okay,it was hard but I listened as objectively as I could considering his past actions and I didn't disagree with anything he said but I also didn't believe him....and why should I? All these bullet points he espoused will be shattered by the burden of amnesty which he endorses. If we don't change the leadership of the GOP nothing will be accomplished. Its time to take back our party,majorities mean nothing without leadership.
This troll is trying to get us to say something homophobic so he can report back to Huff Po,don't fall for it.
Now,now WJF stop taking things out of context like a good little libturd. Did your mother tell you to say that?
First off: wecan't even rescue one Marine from a so called "friendly " neighbor. Second: we can't even find so called "friendly " Afghan troops that we trained and had the superior intellect to bring them over to our country only to lose them. much resources and money does it take to say: You broke the law,go back home!
Bottom line: The GOP keeps this scam going through fear and intimidation. Listen to the terrified surrender monkeys here including the author screaming that we must vote for these frauds even though they are frauds. They don't have the temerity or critical thinking to see the root of the problem ,which if not addressed will never go away. I'd love to be all in and go to battle against the dems but who wants to go into combat under Benedict Arnold s leadership? Come on people,we can do this,those two traitors are beholding to us.We can't control what the dems do but the GOP is supposed to be our house. Its time to put the big boy pants on and treat it as such.
Jason that can only happen through an economic disaster,which is entirely possible. What I'm proposing is an all out hostile take over of the republican party by its own conservative base.
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