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Well this stands to reason . How do you think holder got his job?
You left out American Jews,Blacks and Asians.
I can't think of worse treachery than what McConnell and Barbour engineered in Miss.
Paul,a "conservative" who endorsed and voted for McConnell....The father of the Miss primary betrayal. Sorry,that dog don't hunt.
Thats the problem M/J over half of our population are govt dependent morons and with the help of the GOP Obama is poised to further bolster those ranks through amnesty.
M/J You and Woz had an interesting thread going on and I'm sorry I got here late but work beckoned. I would only add this. Most in govt are corrupt or weak and easily corrupted as is the general population. However,should a strong and moral person gain leadership he can take advantage of the inherent weakness and steer the country toward a righteous direction. This is a rare occurrence indeed and I believe 2016 is the last chance for this to happen.
Guy we agree on Walker. Why did it take you so long? Time to put that Christie" thing" behind you.
Taft ,that was your mother saying she could see your fathers house from hers.
The fact that Cruz is not the Senate leader is proof that Republicans still haven't suffered enough to demand change in leadership.
Don't worry the GOP leadership will get right on this. We have a majority...dontcha know.
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