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Perhaps ,but we will never know...will we.
Paul has done some good things ,like going into the black community and speaking at colleges where others have been afraid to go. However he is starting to walk lockstep with McConnell after endorsing him,very concerning.
Thanks for the breakdown Matt. Bottom line ,was this bill good for the country regardless of who sponsored it? I say yes it was,so why did the stupid party vote predominantly no? Because they are playing party politics over the good of the country. So who were Republicans that didn't participate in their game? Surely Rand Paul and Rubio,those too up and coming conservatives voted for it......NO! There were four brave souls and even though I disagree with Sen. Murkowski 80% of the time she still showed courage in her vote . Yes I know the old argument : Just wait until the republicans are in control. Well, you just witnessed a microcosm of what it will be like.
Gaza or Detroit? Sorry all libs act alike.
What? No John Boehner or Mitch McMonnell. Heh, sorry....I couldn't help myself.
yes Bliefus the most onerous regulations that destroy the small mom and pop businesses come from local and state,and I speak from experience.The more populated the area the more Draconian the taxes and fees. When people from these areas move to rural areas to escape this persecution they start the vicious cycle all over again by changing the laws and regulations without learning anythig.
It's not only Obama,its the Chamber of Commerce,the GOP establishment and all the sheeple both parties can muster. Blacks continue to vote for a party that is constantly pushing to bring in people who will compete for their jobs,Jews likewise support an immigration process that is also letting Muslim extremist through the border,Hispanic Americans want open borders because they are Hispanics first and don't care for our history and liberals...well they are just liberals. We are living in a suicidal society and I don't wish to contribute to our demise.
Jason ,we know WJF is a lib op. He is living proof that libturds mate with sheep.
The sheeple graze on both sides of the fence.
And that one third controls the media,education,judges,all govt regulatory agencies,most city govts,unions and this administration. And by the way,they would rather kill us then give up power. They hate us more than they love this country and would gladly burn it down to advance their agenda. This is no longer about political elections or party differences and we better realize it before its too late.
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