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People ask me : Why Sloandog, do you berate the GOP and not the dems? Well,what can I do about the dems? Did you ever try to have a rational debate with one? The libturds are going to do what they do you can't change their minds. However it is remotely possible to change the GOP. We must defeat the enemy within before we can defeat the enemy in front of us.
Well,lets see....our old GOP leadership locked us into Obama care by funding it,now our "new" GOP leadership can use that as an excuse not to do anything,funny how that works.
Word games that fool the sheeple all of the time.
We have no friends in the GOP leadership or its sponsors(Rove,Chamber of Commerce,WSJ,Koch bros) all endorse amnesty. The only hope left is for a conservative nominee for 2016 and through his leadership change the GOPs direction. The odds are against this happening but if it does I relish the chance at going to war with the corrupt GOP.
Through out history oppressive govts only get more oppressive. It never stops it never rests until the oppressed finally rise up and defeat it. America is unique because there has never been a country so free and where the people who enjoyed their freedom so willingly accept socialism at the cost of their freedoms Ask any foreigner who came here after their own country was overtaken by Communism and they will tell you they can see it happening here.
So when will this all stop? When we stop it.
That young man pictured must be one of those "Valedictorian Dreamers" we keep hearing about.
Yes Rich,he must be very specific on illegal immigration .
This is good. Instead of two Rinos hogging all the press it ill be Bush against the crowd in the press and the debates.Yes,yes i agree"The father of Obama/care was a nice man but he wasn't a conservative. Walker is the clear and logical conservative pick. Much will be made of his lack of college degree by the libs and the GOP but his record speaks loud and clear. This is the Republicans last chance for relevancy.
One RINO down ten to go! It is now clear sailing for the GOP/Rove /Chamber of Commerce money to funnel all to Jebby boy. Now the battle ground is clear. The conservatives must get behind Walker. The GOP must be defeated first or it will be RINO city and four more years of socialism.The enemy behind us must be destroyed in order to face the enemy in front.
Obama is pro Muslim Brotherhood. They are the only winner in these wars. Bush and now Obama has done what it has taken thousands of years to do. Unite the Muslims under one radical govt.
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