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Workplace violence in a gun free zone perpetrated by a Jayvee player.
So,when does that mean anything other than a promotion with this administration?
Cowardly reply by chuncky Kool Aid drinker.
Liberals hate us and want us dead....when will we realize this?
This administration will always tell you not to believe your own eyes and ears and the sheeple will obey. Of course on our side the GOP leadership are telling us they are conservative........and some will believe.
The next guy to crash the White House better be named Ted Cruz!
Mac,Ryan is a squish as is 85% of elected officials. The GOP can suffer RINOs if it is blessed with conservative leadership. Somewhere,somehow,sombody has to be conservative in the GOP or it will always fail.
The progressive RINOs are him.
Fu 0k any other republican!
I was talking about policy...but of course,you knew that.
You know...up till a couple of weeks ago i thought Cruz would be unelectable on the national scale. But now that Bama is failing so badly and the "stupid" party has chosen to completely alienate its conservative base and just about everyone else I believe he actually has a chance.People will listen to what he has to say and he is dynamic and inspiring.
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