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Yada,yada,yada....Scalise should get his a ss down to the border. In fact every republican congressman and Senator should organize and go down there and scream bloody murder about the abduction of our Marine sgt and the illegal influx. Why does this gutless corrupt GOP have to wait around for Obama and grovel for his crumbs?
Well there must be something mentally wrong with him.....after all he is a democrat.
In effectual?, Incompetent ? I beg to differ! This POTUS has done more for his agenda than any president of my recollection. He is winning his war on conservatism(with the help of the GOP),he is winning his war on capitalism through regulation by his agencies,he is winning his war on the Constitution through the nefarious actions of the DOJ,He is decimating the middle class by destroying the economy and labeling them racists. I'd say thats pretty effectual. Just because it looks inept to a normal person doesn't mean he isn't doing exactly what he wants to.
Well the people I know that are on the exchange say it is wonderful...that is until they use it. Then thats when the fun starts. Now if this poll was taken by middle class non union workers the results would be a little different.
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Sticks, Stones, And Thought Crimes

The Sloandog Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 9:18 AM
Its time to do to sports what this administration has done to this country. Every ethnic and gender group should have their own professional sports leagues and all except the Caucasian Christian teams would be govt subsidized. Should you go to the Caucasian games you would be charged at the gate for a redistribution of attendance tax,and likewise at the other ethnic games you will be given an attendance credit.
With liberals its always 'What about the children". Of course thats after they are born.
I have no reason to lie ronnie. I knew the GOP was leadership was corrupt but I couldn't believe what they did in Mi. Now it is true that Reps don't go into minority areas and also on college campuses enough and I believe their are some in the party that would do quite well in those areas but the GOP isn't doing that are they? Now your info is conveniently incomplete in not mentioning the blatant race baiting letters and phone calls generated by GOP bigwig Haley Barber and friends.Now if I can clarify anything else about me that you think you know feel free to ask.
Nice list.....where's the conservatives bracket?
Maybe its just me.......I hate this govt! Okay,okay,I know they probably did something good here,I think. It's just that I've never been as cynical before as I have been in these last few weeks. I think the betrayal by the GOP in the Cochran scam pushed me over the edge.It's bad enough that it is for certain nothing good for the country will come from this administration but when your own party leadership conspires against you by sleeping with the enemy ,well the frustration is almost unbearable. So when you say this bill is good,well I'm not feeling it!
From the Mexican border.
smitty,this already has happened in my home town of Reading Pa. But there was no mandate needed,they did it the old fashioned way. They stole it! The illegals came in and destroyed the infrastructure and scared everyone out with their violence and squalor.Now the city is applying for bankruptcy and demanding more help from the surrounding community. They want them to take more illegals and pay more taxes. They also just got in a fresh load of illegals at the border.
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