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All the original comments were deleted. Maybe they weren't what he expected to see.
Damn! Romney can't even hold on to his comments, how is he going to win an election.
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Is Your Food Conservative?

The Sloandog Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 6:10 PM
While I don't personally agonize over purchases and viewing choices I have a list in my head who or what has irritated me enough for me to not patronize them. Costco,Citco ,HBO,NBA,Bruce Springsteen,Tom Petty are some of my ex favorites that I find easy to live without. Its an easy thing to do and I find its just second nature to me now. I have found new substitutes that i would never had explored otherwise and I'm thankful for that.
I guess I'm okay with air strikes,but we can't get into another ground war with this administration and its lapdog military generals. These new ROEs are getting our people killed and destroying their morale.We no longer go into war to win unconditionally.Hell the DOJ is still trying to prosecute CIA interrogators for using methods that were legal at the time retroactively!
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New Face of South America

The Sloandog Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 7:35 AM
Yes ,Ive been to several South American countries and they all have good people and dangerous areas. As Brazil and Argentina has recently illustrated their govts can turn on a dime and convert a once stable state into a dangerous and corrupt quagmire.Come to think of it,I guess the same thing has happened here!
I'm out also ,have a good one everybody.
So give and tell your children how you ran from the truth. Besides all those Liberal republicans (RINOs) would easily change to conservative if they had conservative leadership,hence the need to change your beloved and infallible GOP leadership
Well,we all know what Obama wants to do about amnesty,don't we? And we could go on for hours how he is a Marxist and is destroying the very fabric of this country. That accomplishes nothing because we can't do anything about it. now think about the few brave Conservatives who stood up publicly against illegal amnesty. Now holding that thought think about how the GOP was silent in support of those courageous patriots. bottom line we have Carl Rove,Chamber of Commerce puppets in congress that don't give a hoot about us or the country and right now they are in control of the GOP. We conservatives are supposed to be heard by this party and they do nothing but attack us. I will not stand by silently as these political hacks betray us and the nation ..stay on the porch if you are afraid to confront the truth.
Sorry ....did I say something nonfactual?
Lets not get into his dating practices.
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