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Scott Walker is the best nominee for the GOP but that doesn't mean they will nominate him. They didn't earn the nick name "The Stupid Party " for doing the right things.
Thats the laws we have right now! The bureaucracy is there already.
Enforce the fines on employers who hire illegals . This would knock the Chamber right out of the picture and eliminate the draw here.
What about existing laws?
Thats unrealistic. Expecting people who live below the poverty line to pay punitive fines is a joke . Its best to close the border follow are existing laws and most illegals will self deport. Young people who went through the educational system can go through a case by case system of citizenship.
Yep, Henry thats the liberal scare tactic you just parroted like a good sheeple.
And yet supposedly conservative pundits Dr Krauthammer and George Will ridiculed Ted Cruz and his courageous efforts to defund illegal immigration. Every time someone from the right stands for us they are stabbed in the back by the GOP.
Ted Cruz is a courageous patriot battling two fronts.
Was the guys last name Kerry?
Mike ,hate is such a strong word. How about distrust of the leadership through the history of their actions?
Will,thats a great question and i would love to answer...except that would mean you matter to me ,and you don't.
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