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Difference between the two: ted Cruz is a Conservative that wants to adhere to the Constitution. Rand Paul leans libertarian and although has done some good things for the party,he endorsed McConnell the ultimate betrayer This leaves me skeptical of Pauls character.
What do you expect,look at the GOPs sorry leadership.
yes this is old news but 60% of the citizens will never know about this until their neighborhood goes up in flames.....then both this administration and the citizens will be so surprised.
The question of open borders in this context should be asked by all republican candidates to their dem counterparts in debates. The next question should be:Do you approve of stopping all flights from Ebola infected countries and people who come from there on connecting flights?
This must be very confusing during college sponsored sex week.
If it saves just one child! Now where did I hear that before?
psydoc,my daughter works for a company that is voluntarily on the board of a homeless advocacy entity. Homelessness is a complicated problem but panhandling is just an enabler at best. A lot of the homeless consists of war veterans that need mental health attention but refuse this help and are unable to access the help that is available to them.
Here in so FL there are legions of panhandlers ,some are actually "organized" by a homeless advocate assoc. It cracks me up when I see the dupes dig for their change ,I bet it makes them feel real good that they just contributed to to a scam artist's drug or alcohol addiction.
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The Sloandog Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 6:58 AM
There is very little common sense in govt and in this administration there is none. The inmates are now running the show and the madness won't stop until we stop it or perish.
And I have been trying to tell you I don't give a flying fig if I'm the only one saying it but I will keep saying from the mountaintop. The only solution is a change of leadership in the GOP!
Yep ,just ask Allen west about that.
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